Happy holidays to the Roon team

Maybe I’m just in a better mood than Monday morning when I started this thread:

And I also noticed that this week has a lot of Roon’s users jonesing for previously promised upgrades. And rightfully so.

But let’s all take a minute to realize what Roon has accomplished for us computer music hobbyists. Roon does quite a few amazing things that no media management software has done before. It’s quite an accomplishment and speaks very well of the dedication and talent at Roon.

So, just a quick best wishes to Roon and a wish for happy holidays to all the forum denizens.



+1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, guys!

Happy Holidays one and all !

The Roon dev elves (Brian in green tights) have been hard at work, and all Roon users are on the Nice list !

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Happy holidays to all, wherever you are! And of course happy and wise spending of your xmas budget

Mine goes to a brooklyn dac+, arriving today!

Happy Holidays and thanks for all your hard work this year!

Happy Festivus!




Nevertheless, a holiday thank-you to the Roon guys. Take some days off real soon now.