Happy with Synology DS916+

Thanks for your providing official support for this option - and to Christopher for his work to meet the needs of many happy(ier) Roon users. (working well for last two weeks on916+ 8GB 120GB SSD)

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Hello sorry to bother you, you have the same configuration, your playback works well without interruptions? How big is your library?

Hi there, I have been using @crieke 's original download and that was updated on the Synology and endpoints last night to build 147 without any problems. I’m using RPis in 3 zones. First, a RPi2 with ethernet Hifiberry Digi for main system, RPi2 with ethernet IQAudio Dac in second living space and a RPi3 with Hifiberry Amp wirelessly in bedroom.

The two wired endpoints have worked flawlessly since installation with material up to 192/24. The wireless RPi3 has had some stuttering but no more than when using LMS previously and now that I have limited its maximum sample rate to 48K (which is all the hifiberry amp can cope with) it also has worked well.

My library is not large, around 20,000 tracks and response of Roon on Synology is slower than the Mac previously used so I can understand why Roon strongly recommends the system requirements specified elsewhere. But for me, this compromise is more than acceptable as it allows all members of the household to use Roon when my Mac is travelling with me.

Best wishes

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I have had Roon working on a 916+ for a few days. It is a bit slow to do Tidal searching for some reason. Not sure why but it seems to hang for quite a while and I get the error loading page. I have the core installed on an external SSD via USB. Restarting the remote ipad or iMac seems to speed things up for a while but when I come back next day it hangs.
Library is only 18,000 tracks. Once I find the album, it plays through no problem.

Searching the local library seems quicker.

I do have a spare bay on the NAS so I could move the drive to be internal. Does anyone know if I will notice an improvement?

I assume I will have to reformat and reinstall Roon?

I would assume that moving the drive internally will be quicker but don’t know for sure. That you’d have to test by doing it. Your issue might also be because that CPU is below recommended specs.

There is no need to reinstall RoonServer on your Synology. Just stop the server in the Package Center before you do anything. Then copy the contents of your usb drive (Roon database) temporarily to your current internal volume. After that insert the SSD internally. Initialize it and create the RoonServer share on this new volume. Then copy the RoonServer and RAATServer directory back to this new share on the SSD and start RoonServer again.

I did not do any performance benchmarks and this is something that will be different in each setup dependent on the music library size. I can only assume that is should be faster on an internal ssd.

Maybe a look at the activity panel in the DSM can tell you what might slow down the performance?

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Sounds simple enough.
Will give this a go.

A noticeable improvement. Seems very responsive to me now. Will give it a few days but I think it’s fine for my library size as it is. Will take me quite a while to get to 200,000! Sheesh that is huge and I don’t think I’m young enough to even to listen to that much music. I needed a NAS anyway so this was just a bonus.


Did you have your USB SSD on a USB2 connection? That would be a good guess as to why it was so slow.

USB3 should not have this issue.

No, this NAS only has USB3. And yes it was a new USB 3 cable/enclosure. I agree it should not make a difference but it does. It is not huge (maybe I exaggerated?) but it is there. The most obvious is when I start up the Roon remote. When the drive was external it would take 20+ secs to bring up the overview screen and then changing menus screens was delayed. It was as if the USB was asleep but I checked that this was all off. Also I was getting the pink error connecting message The only thing I can think of is the SSD is one I pulled out of a 4 year old laptop so it’s interface/hardware may not be the latest. Everything else is nearly new, NAS, Router, IMac etc. I can always try a new SSD one day.

When I bought the enclosure the guy in the IT store thought that it was not ideal to run the USB external for apps but that was just an “off the cuff” comment.

Anyway, tunes are playing happily from my NAS.

I haven’t has a NAS for long so still learning.

Is there any chance that having Roon on an SSD would be preventing the NAS from going to sleep? My NAS seems to be always running and I am not sure what the cause may be.

I have the HDD hibernation option ticked in the NAS options.

There appears to be many possible reasons based on quick web search so I will have to investigate. I never switch my imac off just let it sleep. So when I check in the morning before touching anything the green lights are on and appears to be hdd activity.

One of the points for putting it on a NAS is that a lot of people leave their NAS on 24/7 so they don’t also have to have a computer on 24/7.

Personally, I never put things to sleep; soo many personal horror stories over the years with sleep and hibernate modes, that I will never trust a system I care about to use them. For me, computers are either off or on. My NAS (not a Synology) has the ability to power on/off on a schedule. Maybe yours does too.

Hi Steve,
I will try and check if the volumes go to sleep, when RoonServer is directly installed on a dedicated SSD volume. I currently have a spare DS716+ and a ssd here that I do not use. So I will try and report back afterwards…
The option Daniel talked about is also available on Synology devices (if that is an option for you as well). It is in “Control Panel” -> “Hardware & Power” -> “Power Schedule”.

Thanks, on further reading I would be surprised if it’s related to Roon. It seems to be an ongoing issue with many possible causes, The power schedule is a good idea. I didn’t realise it could switch itself on which is clever.

Any chance the latest DSM update is not working with Roon? My NAS freezes up when I try to start the Roon client. The core seems to start up ok but when I try to connect it freezes up. It was working fine but I noticed that my DSM just updated so I am suspicious that is the cause. I have to power down to get the NAS back.

Just tried it and installed the latest DSM update on my Synology and could connect to Roon like before…

Nevermind, a restart of everything appears to have rectified it. I think I am the culprit as I added a bunch of music I had ripped and it may have had trouble indexing. All good now.

So I am 2-3 days new to Roon in my 14 day trial. Currently loaded on a mac laptop as my old pro desktop can’t run 10.8 OS. I can stream to my Logictech Squeezebox just fine.

I own a Synology 411j NAS. Ancient on all fronts. Been meaning to upgrade it (hence this post) and now learning about Roon and the Synology NAS package, I’ve set my sights on the 916+ (not play)

I run my 411j in RAID 5. Pretty sure I’d keep that config on a 916.

Question 1: I understand the SSD ‘arguement’ for speed. If I run four HDDs in Raid 5 (in a four bay 916+ NAS) it would appear I’d have to externally connect the SSD right?

@steve_s indicates better performance w his SSD mounted internally in his 916.

How is a 916 to be config’ed to allow an internal SSD install?

Only guess I have is those four disks are not in a RAID array?



I am only using 2 x 4TB disks in Raid at the moment so had the spare slot. You may be happy with external connection. I just set up the SSD as a separate stand alone volume in DisStation. It’s quite easy to move between external and internal.

Beware if you have a large library the 916 may not cut it. Some of the QNAP NAS appear to have better processors.

@Steve_C thxs for the heads up on computing power of the 916’s. I would prefer to stay Synology vs QNAP just for the DSM OS and knowledge of all that. I do have a fairly large DB of music so will have to consider other Synology boxes perhaps.

Regardless, three of my four drives in my 411j NAS are too old to ‘port over’ to a 916 etc per Synology tech support. So it looks like adopting Roon at this point is a bit beyond my price point

  1. 916 diskless NAS $599
  2. Three new 2T Seagate NAS drives $80 ea
  3. Roon subscription, annual or lifetime. $119 or $499

So, I’d be close to $1k just to get ‘up and running’ on Roon. Guess, I’ll just deal with the clunky OS from my Squeezebox Touch for now… #darn