Hard reset Nucleus?

I was setting up a new Nucleus. In an effort to use static IP address on my network, I accidentally saved the IP address as the router IP gateway. It was a cut and paste error and now I can’t access the nucleus. Is there a way to do a hard reset so that I can again access the nucleus?

Yes, hook up a monitor and keyboard. At the command line enter

After this type press ENTER , type resetnetwork and then press ENTER again. This should reset the network settings for you.

From this link:


yes. static on the Nucleus. I can hook up a monitor via HDMI no problem but don’t have a usb keyboard. If needed, I’ll head to Best Buy to get one

Thanks everyone. My buddy has a usb keyboard. Nucleus boots but is “searching for network address”

miracle workers!! THANKS EVERYONE!! I’ll be more careful this time.


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