Hardware with Roon, Spotify Connect and CD-drive ? (DAC not needed)

Has anyone stumbled upon a “master of it all - wife supportive CD-drive included” piece of hardware? Prefer that it has some coaxial or optical output to my Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB. The feed ends in active monitors so no need for DAC in the unit I am looking for.

Thank you

Apple Mac Mini and add an external CD/DVD drive for $80. B&H has a Mac Min for $399. 1/8 head phone jack is also optical out.

Great thing about the Apple OS is almost everyone writes software for the platform; Roon, Spotify, Tidal, etc. You don’t get locked into the audio manufacturers determination on what music service or platform that you need. You actually get to decide.

Volumio on the raspberry pi can be comforted to both Roon and Spotify Connect. Sure you’d be able to hook up a CD to it as well.

This has an optical input, so you can connect any CD player and Bluray player that has optical output directly to it.

It supports Spotify via the BluOS app (not Spotify Connect).

It also has SPDIF RCA coaxial and optical outputs.

And most importantly is a RoonReady endpoint.


This one below has all the above but also a CD drive built in, for easily ripping music to it’s built in 2TB drive. But it won’t play CD’s directly.