Hardwiring microRendu from Eero mesh station

The mR requires an Ethernet connection. I am wondering if running a Cat6 cable from my Eero device just five feet away will work just as well. Every other internet capable device in my home works fine this way, but I am hearing that microRendu – and all the other Rendus – will not. Any experience? Can’t rewire my 50 year old home.

It should work…

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Sure, I do that all over the house.

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Um, two members of your staff told me otherwise today, in no uncertain terms. Member posting above says it works.

Let’s email about this Monday. I’m a customer if there is a reasonable consensus.


Thanks for your encouragement. I thought it might work, though the Sonore staff was convinced otherwise.


The only caveat is that the max sample rate you can stream will be depend on the signal strength at the unit. For example DSD512 requires 45.2 Mbps.

This may apply to your situation:

My modded Mac Mini runs Roon Core and connects to Ethernet directly from the base node of a mesh network, which is connected to the router.

On the rack of main system in the living room, I have another mesh node (receiving wireless from the base node), with wired ethernet running to an etherRegen B-side, and optical out of the A-side to an OpticalRendu.

Works flawlessly.

Not sure if this is germane to your case. I’m still on my first cup of coffee. :coffee:

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Good morning…I’m on my second glass of coca cola:) Thanks for the feedback.


I think your experience validates my questioning of yesterday’s opinions. Appreciate your taking the time to help.


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No problem.

Like you, I can’t see my way to rewiring the house. I mean, I could go down to the crawl and fish cables, but it’s pretty oogey down there. It’s much easier to just tie into the mesh network, and I don’t seem to have any performance issues at all.

Good luck


Is your Roon Core hardwired to modem/router? That’s important.

Then I would bet your mRendu + Eero mesh should be fine.

If your Roon Core was also wirelessly mesh connected, I would be nervous !

Fingers crossed for you and do let us know how you go !

Hey D!

Thanks for your observation. My Nucleus is hard wired to a Eero mesh unit. I have had zero hiccups from it since installing it in October. I have an office Roon Bridge on a newer Mac mini that doubles as a desktop, fed to a Modi DAC to a Yamaha amp and a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers plus a small sub. As an office based system, it works fine.

I have no idea whether adding a mR connected to another mesh unit might cause a problem, but evidence from two users on this thread make me think it might work.

As of yesterday, two Sonore staff members stated flatly the it could not work, so as of now, I am encouraged. Thanks again.


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I have no crawl space, house on a slab, so there is no way to run a dedicated Cat6 wire without serious disruption. And my wife would probably balk if I told her I was drilling a hole in the hardwood flooring. I am hoping that the Sonore staff were wrong.


It’s possible they assumed your Roon Core was hard wired to modem/router.

That is a very strong recommendation from the Roon folk too. Everything else CAN be wireless and SHOULD work.

But if you’ve already got all the parts to test, give it a good old crack and let us know.

We’re hoping you get the win

Cheers. D

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I can only measure signal strength from the wireless side.

I pay for high speed, no limit service from Comcast (my only real choice). As of this morning, Eero reports a speed just north of 300 Mbps at the base node and at the node I would use to connect the mR.



I have not ordered the mR and the LPS just yet, waiting to talk with Sonore tomorrow. As long as they will honor their return policy, I am likely to give it a shot. Thanks for your encouragement!


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My home is a multi eero setup (pro 6s now last gen pros before) all hardwired with 6a. Have a hardwired micro rendu feeding my den system and an ultra feeding my main system in another room. Works great. You’ll be fine

I think so too, but not everyone agrees. Thanks for your input.

If all your eero units are hardwired together with Cat6a, this is a very different setup to MIKE’s

Unless I’ve misunderstood. Apologies in advance if that’s the case.

I understand that. The point is as long as his server is on the network running a cable to the rendu from any other eero on the network should work