Has anyone installed Monterey on their core yet?

Yes, 1680x945 60Hz this works perfect for Roon and the desktop environment. Now I can read without the magnifying glass.

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No troubles here. Mac Pro 2013 en 4K 32 inch monitor. Also my M1 MacBook Air has no problems.

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-27 om 16.19.57

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I also have this issue. M1 MacBook.

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I’ll note that I also run a pi-hole, but did allow add the option to allow iCloud private relay to pass so the pi-hole shouldn’t be causing any issues. Once I turned off private relay all went back to normal.

I am running an M1 MAC Mini for the core with Monterey installed. It syncs with my 2012 MAC Mini for the Roon Server Library access.

No issues so far…although I had to reboot a couple times to get the Printers attention.

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Core on 2016 Intel MBP and naim Unity Atom as player: music starts playing and stops after a minute, see my earlier report. Latest Monterey PB 12.1, Roon 1.8, build 831.

As per a couple of other people, the beta Private Relay feature was causing dropouts with Tidal streaming, especially when upsampling. Switching it off seems to have solved it.

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I deleted this post because the issue was mine, my user error. Roon Core on M1 Mac, Raspberry Pi 4 with Ropiee, Schitt Modi Plus are working perfectly now.

I am (overly) cautious about Mac OS upgrades especially relating to my Photoshop and related plugins. Therefore, now that Monterrey has arrived I will start moving my Apple gear to BIG SUR.

I would not touch Monterey on a Core machine until Apple fixes the memory leak issue. Roon is not a light touch on resources, and that combined with running out of application memory may have you rebooting your core machine multiple times per day. Wait for 12.0.2 at least…

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I have the core running on a Mac Mini M1 with MacOS 12.0.1 and eventually Roon Server stops functioning and I have to force a reboot. Since this is also a server for video I have stopped using roon for now until I figure it out (if I can). Not happy at all.

I’m using an M1 MAC Mini for the core and a 2012 MAC Mini for the server with ZERO issues!

There are quite a few threads discussing Roon’s memory usage on a Mac, i.e. it tends to creep up over time. It seems a little bit better on Monterey than Big Sur, but it’s still noticeable. Your issue may be a totally different one, but you could try rebooting Roon server every day or so to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks. I had the same problem with Big Sur but it took about 2 days for Roon to fail. I wrote an automation that restarted the server every night at 2AM, but with Monterey it fails in as little as 4 hours.

Have you monitored memory usage to see if it’s related?

Finally figured out how to disable Private Relay completely via iCloud settings and problem now seems to be gone.

Memory usage creeps up until it fails. I guess I am shutting down Roon for the time being, which is a shame because I made the mistake of getting a lifetime license.

My apologies if you’re already mentioned this, but have your raised a support ticket? If not, I think it would be a good idea. It’s clear that Roon’s memory management is problematic on OS X, but if you’re finding that it crashes your system every 4 hours then something above and beyond that it also going on. I find that Roon will keep chugging along for about 4 or 5 days before I restart the core, but it has never forced me to reboot my computer.

Dave, Thanks for your advice. I dug an old pc out of the basement and installed ROCK on it. Restored my backup and I am back in business.

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