Streaming not working from Core on macOS Monterey to roon Ready device(s?) [Monterey not supported yet]

Roon Core Machine

roon macOS app 1.8 running on MacBook with macOS Monterey PB.

Network Details

MacBook and naim Unity Atom connected via WiFi (Fritz!Repeater 3000).

Audio Devices

naim Unity Atom with latest beta FW 3.7 Beta 2.

Library Size

Local library not mounted, music from Tidal subscription.

Description of Issue

Playing tracks from Tidal to my Unity Atom is not working from app running on macOS Monterey. Installed app on older MacBook running Catalina (10.15) and had no problems to play tracks from there.
If the app runs on macOS Monterey, the Atom starts playing the first track and stops midway. After it stopped playing it is impossible to play further tracks. Rebooting the Atom and/or waiting some time helps to start the first track again, stops again after a few seconds and no chance to get it playing music again…
The app reports the Atom connected all the time, and I can change the volume or switch off the Atom, just music playback doesn’t work.
Is this a weird network setting I’m missing on macOS side?
I know the MacBook is running on unsupported software :wink: just wanted to give you a heads up that something’s not working with the new macOS version…


Hello @schuhmab,

Thanks for getting in touch and describing in detail your experience with Roon on the latest MacOS. I was wondering, if you try to play music from TIDAL on the same Mac but outside of Roon, does that work?

@Trey_Caryl, what about for you?

Hi @beka,

yes streaming from Tidal app on my Mac both via Tidal Connect as well as Chromecast streams as expected…

Thanks for looking into this and greetings fro Black Forest!

I’m experiencing the same, tidal plays no problem directly on the mac

Hi all, we’ll make sure to test with Monterey before it’s released to the public, but right now it’s just too early.

Problems with Roon on beta versions of macOS are typically resolved before the public release without us changing a thing (we learned this lesson the hard way!). So until it’s out of public beta, it’s not officially supported by Roon.

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