Has anyone used a Burson of any flavor with Roon

I have a Burson Conductor 3X/GT and I cannot get Roon to find it on my iPad and it will not play. I have a OPPO 205 and it works great. Has anyone gotten a Burson any version to work with Roon?


It is Roon tested, not Roon Ready per the Roon Labs Partners page. Oppo is Roon Ready. You’ll need a Roon bridge such as Raspberry Pi. Or, I think you can connect directly to your core/streamer.

I have an optical Rendu as a bridge that have cables to use with an Oppo205 and the Burson. It’s a problem with the Burson NOW i see there are others with this problem.

Should a Burson manual. Their documentation provides you with a guessing game.