Has build 360 messed up Chromecast support?

Hi, updated to build 360 yesterday and since then none of my Chromecast devices are recognised…last night it would intermittently find them and then drop and now none are seen.
Prior to the update everything was fine.

I have 3 chromecast devices.
All are seen from Spotify.
Main windows 10 PC running core connected to wireless network.
Chromecast devices connected to same wireless network

Just looked and my Chromecast is in the zone list. Have you updated the app as well as the core?

Hi, I hadn’t actually updated the App - doing that now (it was still on 3.5x).
However its the Windows machine with core on it that can’t see Chromecast devices.
Maybe i need to stop and start the server?

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I have seven Chromecast devices ( 3 CC Audio, 2 nVidia Shield TV, 1 CC Ultra and 1 CC 2018 ) and all showed up after updating core to build 360. Pretty sure the Windows 10 computer hosting my core did not have to reboot after the core was updated.

My core is connected via Ethernet to my Orbi router but all of my Chromecast devices connect wirelessly to my Orbi router or one of my two Orbi satellites.


Always worth a try…

OK thanks.
Must be a network issue I have then… no problems at all until yesterday. /scratches head.
All is well with Spotify, but no luck with Roon at all now.

Yep, rebooted Windows with Core on it and all 3 CCA devices appeared again
Should have tried that first before messing with my CCA’s rebooting them and changing them and Windows to 2.4Ghz network!
Maybe this will be helpful to another idiot - if there is one - and they run into issues after an update. :grinning:

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