Has Liner Notes?

The focus feature/Inspector/Has Liner Notes is curious to me. To paraphrase an old joke, “how do it know?” Roon misses a slew of liner notes on jpegs.

Which begs the question: just what is Roon looking at when making this determination?

I suspect it’s looking just for PDFs, not jpegs. Which then begs the question why there is also a “has PDF” selection in Focus…

When you have lots of images stored next to your media, we take note of the file names.

So, if you have back.jpg, we’ll show that right after the front cover, and you can find the album using the “Has Back Cover” focus.

I don’t remember the whole spec, but we do something similar with images like booklet2.jpg, booklet3.jpg, etc.

Point being, there is a difference between “Has Liner Notes” and “Has PDF”.

Thanks Mike. Those specs, while dry, might be useful to us users. Knowing how to style file names in a consistent manner would give the focus feature some real teeth.

I could have someone look at the code, but I’d rather just improve our handling here – better use of a developer’s time.

Maybe you can find some examples of JPEG liner note naming we’ve missed?

If we’re going to go back into this code, I’d much rather hear what we’re missing, make a determination about whether the naming seems sensible, and do better.

In any event, thanks for the feedback @John_V.

Over the many years of scanning, I’ve used many schemes, none consistently. Many are simply 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc.

My point is this: I’d like to “normalize” my library and maximize any Roon leverage to focus and search. So I am willing to rename files or convert files to whatever is most useful in the Roon environment.

So, if you cannot give me the universe of things Roon will recognize, how about giving one naming convention that would work for 1) front cover (pretty sure about this one), 2) back cover, 3) liner notes, 4) PDF (self explanatory), and while we’re at it, “has additional images”.

I’d rather avoid trial and error guessing. Thanks.

  • front or cover
  • back
  • liner or booklet

Those should all be good, according to the spec I wrote almost exactly 2 years ago :innocent:

PDF we will just pick up if they’re stored next to your files. And I believe “Has Additional Images” just means we found something that’s not front cover.

If you find sensible naming not listed above, feel free to let us know, John. Thanks!

And I’ll chime in briefly to beg you to recognize .txt files as liner notes. I have >9000 live boots, and the thought of converting those .txt files to .pdf is…

Just a suggestion…

I am sure that can be automated.

There are a number of topics related to this, so rather than starting another, I am entering my question here…

I am a recent Roon user and was impressed when it showed the PDF liner notes that are sometimes available when you buy hi rez music. This is available when running Roon on my iMac Pro. I can not find any way to do this on the iPhone, but I have been considering an iPad. Does anyone know if this feature will work with and iPad. Below is a picture of what I am talking about.

When you click on the “1 PDF” it lets you choose the file.

This is where the system could list the PDF files in the directory (or perhaps other formats as requested in this thread as well). When you ask to open the file, the Mac PDF previewer opens the file in a new window, which is perfect. This might be enough to finally push me over the edge and get an iPad if this works.

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Thank you. I did figure this out. I too find the iPhone too small. I have an 11 Pro Max. I am not really happy with Roon for a couple reasons, but I may get an iPad anyway even if I go with some other vendor because I want the real estate.