Has the Roon Overview of the main menu changed?

Hello to everyone!

Something strange is happening with Roon’s Overview, The “New releases for you” section is suddenly gone. The same thing happened with “suggestions for you” when I’m listening to an album. Is the problem with my Roon? I already reset Nucleus and everything remains the same. On Iphone Overview is also gone.
Please help me


That is strange, but it is also happening to me so at least now we know it is not an isolated incident. Maybe it has something to do with the Roon Radio Service Outage that is going on. Roon Radio Service Outage 12/14/2020 [Roon Team Working To Resolve]

Same here…

Roon has some reliance on back end systems in the cloud (AWS) so maybe some work is being done there that put something offline.

@support anything to expand on this?

For me it has been fine this last hour. Problems resolved, it seems.

Apologies everyone — We had a service outage yesterday that has since been resolved.