HAT with analog output

I want (Roon) music while cooking in the kitchen!

My plan is to use a RB3 + Ropieee via Wifi. In the kitchen there’s an active speaker with an analog input (no high-end audio). I want to use that one. I was told that the RB3 ‘built-in’ analog output is not useable for this purpose and was advised to get a HAT.

Before ordering an HAT I want to be sure if this is good choice for this situation as I’m a ‘beginner’: HiFiBerry DAC+ 3.5mm Jack…


Yes, that will work.

For significantly more cash, but already pre-built, check out the offerings at Allo.com.

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IQAudIO and hifiberry also have hat options but a simple dragonfly USB DAC will also work fine.

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Have Allo-USBridge working in my living room :+1:
In the kitchen-case I want to have it low budget (have a unused RB in the desk drawer)…

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This is about all you might need if you can solder…

Thanks a lot!

Could solder a cable with whatever you need on the other end for the powered speakers input instead of the rca connectors being mounted on the board.

One of the things to look out for is how will you will control volume? Do your speakers have a volume control? If if not it might be nice to remote control the volume with your phone or another controller. Some DACs don’t have this volume feature built in: For example I don’t think the basic HiFiBerry DAC has volume control built in, but the HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro certainly does.

Yes, they have.
The other way is volume control via Roon.

Hi Jan, do you use iPhone/iPad?

If you have models with 3.5mm headphone output you can just use 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable direct to your speaker input.

Can run Roon Remote on iOS to be Roon endpoint. And this allows you to use the phone for volume control, if you need.

Just one idea. Lots of other great suggestions above too.

Hi Sean,
Never thought of that option :wink:

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Anyhow, first I have to get Wifi working. There’s something wrong with my RB setup. Opened another thread earlier about this.

But if the DAC hat does not support volume control then you won’t be able to control the volume in Roon, which is what I was trying to say.

I get it, thanks.

You can always do DSP controlled volume?

Don’t think you can if the DAC does not have it, it will be a fixed volume.

Think you are misunderstanding, DSP based volume adjusts the volume of the signal, the DAC works at full blast. Not the greatest audio you’ve heard but way beyond the needs of a kitchen radio! :slight_smile: