Have option to always show "Top Tracks"

Hi @Boris_Espinoza
This doesn’t seem right. In the view below you can see Top Tracks for The XX. I have all of their albums in the library. Note that there is a +/- toggle after Top Tracks. If this is a + the Top Tracks are hidden. If you click on the + it changes to what you see in this screen shot.

Do you see something different? No Top Tracks at all for this artist?

I believe these The XX songs are your “Top Tracks”, the ones that you play more. They are no the more popular songs counting all Roon’s users. This is because you added them to the Library.

I don’t have The XX in my Library, so that I searched for The XX in Roon and saw their Top Tracks, which by the way doesn’t match yours. See:

Then I added one of The XX albums to my Library, and the Top Tracks are gone. See:

I know you can see Top Tracks of an artist’s music added to your Library, but they will . . .

  1. appear once you start to play The XX songs, and

  2. those Top Tracks w’ll be your Top Tracks, they w’ll not be the most popular tracks counting all Roon’s users.


I really don’t know what’s going on under the hood.

I’ve seen a few situations:

  • Top tracks are shown, and match or very closely match top tracks from Tidal
  • Top tracks are shown, but its clearly based on only what i’ve listened to, so somewhat pointless.
  • Top tracks disappear as soon as I add music from an artist to my library. (Or don’t show at all in the case of some much smaller artists with limited tracks released)

Roon has some truly fantastic recommendations, the roon radio seems to give me MUCH better music than spotify, tidal, or even last.fm do.
But its such a shame that music discovery is so hindered by the fact that I have to open an entirely different service if I want to have a look at the top tracks of an artist.

When looking at top tracks, I’m not there to see what I have listened to most, i’m there for one of two reasons:

  • Wanting to quickly listen to the ‘best’ or most popular songs from an artist i’ve not yet listened to (ie: Discovering new music)
  • Wanting to see what is currently popular from an artist I already like, in case I have missed a good new release etc.

Not showing top tracks, or showing top tracks based on my own history helps with neither of these. If I wanted to see what I like best I’d just sort my track list by play count.

I really really hope this can be sorted at somepoint, it feels so clunky having to have tidal open alongside what is otherwise such a near-perfect and beautiful software.

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When will this be fixed? Having the top tracks from Qobuz is fantastic to discover new artists.

Same problem here, if I add a Qobuz album to my library or have one album of an artist in my hard drive, the top tracks do not show up.



I’m a brand new subscriber… and THIS is the main issue I have with the app.

Seems this is not given a high priority since the discussion started a year ago… although it seems like a basic features anyone would expect.

Hope we can get some feedback… like a timeline.



Same here. New user. This is a serious issue for me. I have migrated from BluOS App (built in app of Blusound Node2) and lack of top songs shown in Tidal.

Please provide a solution for this.


Totally agree that this is an important feature for the roon users. Suggest putting it as one of the toppest priority in the enhancement list of roon. Thank you.


Please fix this bug @support .

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Not a bug.

Sounds like a feature request.

I am moving it to that section where it will have more of a chance to be seen by the devs.

How it cannot be a bug, when even the Manager of the Tech Support has (after consulting this internally) no idea when / why it is not displaying?

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I don’t use ‘Top Tracks’, but the way I read this thread is that Roon doesn’t display the top tracks from a streaming service but rather the top tracks from the user’s catalog.

That’s why it seemed like a feature request, at least to me.

If that’s wrong, I’ll move it back, but since you tagged support they’ll see it no matter where it is.

For starters, would be nice to know if the behavior described by you is THE currently intended one.

Then, we could decipher if the following scenarios are rather describing defects, or candidates for feature requests:

  • Any kind of Top Tracks not being displayed at all under certain conditions. (That’s what I see shown in this thread.)

  • Tidal Top Tracks not always being displayed. (That’s what I dislike about the current behavior experienced by myself and also seems to be discussed here.)


One of the @moderators or support, since you tagged them, will make the call.

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It seems its two things.

  1. (BUG): Top tracks sometimes don’t show at all. Particularly after adding a local file from an artist, it often stops displaying top tracks

  2. (FEATURE) Top tracks seem to be based on your OWN most played songs from that artist, not from Roon or Tidal data.
    If I wanted to know what I play most I’d look at playcount. I want to see the top tracks from the community/tidal so I can discover new music, not listen to stuff I’ve already listened to a lot.


Has there been some kind of response on this?

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I also only have an issue with Top Tracks, everything else is great. I only have Tidal connected, using an i7 Win 10 laptop as dedicated core and a MS Surface Pro with Win 10 as remote.
I noticed a few things today:
-If I have a track(s) in my library there are no top tracks displayed.
-If I click the View complete album on Tidal and then click add album to my library, going back to artist page it will have the top tracks displayed with only that album in some order, maybe my play count on Tidal?
-Adding a second album as above will now show only those two albums in the top tracks, again unknown order.
-If I have no track(s) in my library then top tracks will be displayed but not in the same order as my Tidal, close but missing some completely. This is also not the order of top tracks or highlights from allmusic.com as I’ve read.
-When I added the album who’s track was missing from my top tracks to my library, the top tracks changed to only that album in reverse order when I first went back to the artist page. After clicking favorite on a few of those tracks they then showed first in top tracks.

This does me absolutely no good as a top tracks list. So I’m sitting there with my perfect music experience with one tablet and I’m going back and forth with my phone or pressing a button and switching apps(the agony!!) I will pay you this years subscription again if you can do something.

Roon please add an option to always show either Tidal or Qobuz top tracks or to keep it as it is now in case anyone wants that… please!


Has it been determined if this is a bug or feature request?

From Roon’s responses, several times in this and other threads, it seems to be a bug.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ve been able to reproduce. But odd thing is my “bug” seems to be the opposite of what some others have complained about. No top track unless I add an album by the artist (no just locally but also via Tidal). Then it shows up,Top Tracks are only limited to the album I added not the artist’s complete library. However, for other artists it shows even if I don’t have any albums or tracks in the library. In that case is does seem to span all their work. Really odd behavior. I like Top Tracks for discovering new music. When I discover a new artist from of Roon Radio, I try to go to the artist and listen to some of their other stuff and Top Track is convenient.


You know what? Why not just make feature requests from all the issue/complain threads in the forum? Would surely look better on paper. :sunglasses: