Have something unusual... missing music files

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon and ROCK latest build.
Remote using iOS software.

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Reliable and stable network.

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Description Of Issue
Have noticed a number of album located in my Roon storage not being read so not showing up in the Library.

This concerns me as this could be an awful trend…stuff just not showing up.

These “lost” files easily show in dCS Mosaic and Audirvana. What is up?

These files do not show up but my Mac does show them.

Did delete and rebuild the Library. Deleted and reloaded the iOS app.

As a secondary but possible note worthy clue… Roon software has been labelling a number of music files as “corrupt” necessitating a re-scan. Note; these were ripped with dBPoweramp without any note nor concern.

This is an issue.
Please do not ignore.


If they are marked as corrupt then Roon will not index them.

Do you have more details on these “corrupt” files? Are they ripped from a commercial CD? What format? Etc.?

That may help identify why they are begging tagged as corrupt.

I have often corrupted files when I cancel dbPoweramp ripping process then resume it. Usually I delete them manually.

These corrupt file are highlighted by Roon and show as individual songs from an album, some ripped from CD, some from downloads. I reanalyze the file and the flag is removed.
More worrisome are the complete albums on the music drive which Roon simply ignores. As mentioned, Aurdirvana and dCS Mosiac easily sees the albums.

Well, oddly…these albums now show up. Not sure what occurred nor why. Thanks for your assistance.

Hi @Wdw,

Where are your ripped files stored? If they are on a NAS, you’ll want to perform a “Force Rescan” of your storage location after adding content:

We have found that NAS’s do not reliably notify Roon when new files are added, so you can use the “Force Rescan” option, or set your Automatic Rescan Interval to something shorter:

Files are on a USB attached Samsung T5 SSD drive on my ROON ROCK. I see my menu does not show the Automatic Rescan Interval…


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Expected behaviour - the menu only shows the rescan option for NAS - because it’s only NASes that need the option.

@Wdw -

I would try the “Force Rescan” in that case to see if it helps locating the files.

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