Have to restart core several times a day

Core machine 2014 Mac mini running OS 10.14.6, Roon version 1.6 build 416

Networking equipment: Wifi Netgear Orbi router

DAC: Essence High Def Audio Control Center, connected to Mac via HDMI

Core becomes unresponsive, i.e., won’t play tracks) at least once and often several times a day, This occurs whether i am controlling core functions on the core machine itself or remotely from ipad/iphone. Only solution seems to be to close and restart Roon app on core. Very inconvenient; the issue is the main reason why I hesitate to convert my present trial membership to a paid membership.

Hi @Ander_McWilliams — Thanks for reaching out!

Just to verify, is your Core machine connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

Can you elaborate a bit on how the Core becomes unresponsive? Are you able to navigate around the UI but just not play tracks? When you try to play tracks do you receive any errors?

If you try playing to System Output of the Core machine instead of the DAC, does that result in the same unresponsiveness?

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