Have you done anything to support Dolby Atmos?

Just looking for ideas to see if people have invested in hardware for Dolby Atmos?

I’ve only got Apple Music with AirPods Pro and thinking I may to something better at some point.
I’m thinking Soundbar, pair of home pods linked to a 4K Apple TV.

I know Chris did this but its way out of my league.

So what’s your setup or ideas?

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I’ve gone about as far as I can but the 7.2.4 setup was initially for movies with the Dolby Atmos soundtracks. Dolby Atmos music will be a bonus if/when Roon adds the capability. And that depends on it working with a NUC/Rock to Denon receiver with HDMI. My Denon receiver is the only device I have that has the Atmos decoder and the speaker connections.

I’m not into Dolby Atmos music, but I recently purchased a used Mac Mini to reboot my Nucleus and reconnect Tidal and Qobuz to keep Roon ARC working when away from home for weeks at a time. I just moved the Mac Mini to our family room and connected it by HDMI to my LG TV with HDMI to my Bose 5.1 system. I have free Apple Music (thanks Verizon) and listened to some Dolby Atmos yesterday. Of course, no overhead channels with 5.1.

I listen to Atmos music from Tidal through my home theater. It is a Yamaha 7.2.2 setup accessing Tidal thru a Nvidia Sheild Pro.

The fidelity is very very good. Being Atmos it is 24 bit. Finding Atmos albums in Tidal is a chore.

I keep thinking about Roon because the quality is so good, then I wonder how much better it could be if it were thru Roon.

For example, The Doors - Riders on the Storm is very immersive. This is about a 60 year recording remastered. New recordings from new artists are even better.

I think that Atmos is much better than just 7.1 surround.

Atmos is for real and it is here to stay unlike 3D movies. I’m hoping 1 day Roon will implement it.


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