Have you given up developing ARC?

Or are you preparing for a bigger release?

The app is still really buggy and you seem to have stopped releasing weekly builds, so…just asking.


Let’s see.

I just came on to ask a similar thing. I can’t run the app at all. Or at least, it starts playing & then becomes non-responsive in less than a minute, every time. Looking forward to having this “dream come true” back in working order.

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Stopped working for me too a long time ago - after initially getting it set up properly, port forwarding, etc. All I ever get is the poor connection error. Just another function that I had working that now doesn’t.

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Did you reset or reinstall the app? Helped many people

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I use ARC little, in the beginning it often worked.

When I try it currently (most recently yesterday evening), I only get the message “bad connection”.

Reinstalling doesn’t change anything.

Hey all, as someone who works very closely with ARC, this is a bummer to hear. Here’s some context from my side that my help illuminate where things are.

On the front of poor stability, the more you can tell me, the better. Please submit support tickets and flag all of the details possible when you’re having bad connection experiences. We are making an app for a global audience with a multitude of home network conditions, ISPs, and mobile networks of varying capabilities. We do our best to ensure it’s working for the majority of cases, but stability is a moving target. Let us know what your case is and even feel free to flag me on your tickets and I’ll chase things up. Thank you.

Secondarily, development for ARC is very much active. We have spent the past few months creating and honing a robust suite of DSP capabilities and that should be landing in early access for all of you to test shortly if not already. Beyond that, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, we are preparing for a project to focus solely on performance in ARC. That should noticeably improve things for everyone.

Going forward, if you have any ideas or suggestions for how we might improve, I’m all ears.

Thanks for caring and voicing your opinions, please bear with us as we keep things rolling forward.



I would really REALLY like to see my Radio Stations. While on long trips in the car I use Apple Music for my local radio stations…If I could do that with ARC, I would be totally done with Apple Music.

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Why not using TuneIn for that?

What are you guys doing to allow all customers to use ARC and not just those that the ability to open up ports?

At this point, it feels like you are spending a to of time and effort on a product a lot of your customers can’t even use because you did not implement ARC in a way all customers could use. I use T-Mobile 5G service to get my Internet access and I would like to know what Roon plans to do for customers like me.

When you say “raise support tickets” do you simply mean post on here & maybe tag you in it?

Yea I could, I have three months on my annual subscription to Apple Music. ARC wasn’t around when purchased. I hope Roon ARC will provide the Radio Station access, so I don’t need Apple Music or TuneIn. BTW I looked at TuneIN and could be a great fit if ARC doesn’t come through. I really not a fan of Apple Music Interface.

My improvements that Inwould suggest are limited to my network. I am one of those T-Mobile home internet users.

So Saturday morning and doing some searches on TUNEIN radio I found a three month trial then $49 bucks for the following 8 months…So I’m giving it a try…

Thank you for the Information.

So I‘m taking the opportunity to ask for Google Cast capability for iOS. This should be a basic standard implementation and would allow using ARC in holiday homes or visiting (grand)parents.

Live Radio (as written above) would be great as well. These two features would make ARC usecases complete for me.

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Well since you’re asking, I realise it’s a big ask, but feature parity with PlexAmp’s automatic playlisting features. It’s been asked before… Valence has never worked for me, but SuperSonic has, and it’s been quite remarkable at what it does. Mobile is a use case where hands-off is really nice, and it’d be really nice to have the type of experience that’s described here, without all the compromises that come with PlexAmp.

Live radio would also be great.

I’ve also generally found PlexAmp to be more reliable on mobile, but my hunch is that it’s mostly a question of maturity. I’d much rather use ARC, UI-wise, and moreso now that there’s DSP baked in, but the “little” stuff like ARC crashing in CarPlay makes me reach for PlexAmp rather than ARC when I don’t feel like beta-testing something.