Have you given up developing ARC?

Or are you preparing for a bigger release?

The app is still really buggy and you seem to have stopped releasing weekly builds, so…just asking.


Let’s see.

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I just came on to ask a similar thing. I can’t run the app at all. Or at least, it starts playing & then becomes non-responsive in less than a minute, every time. Looking forward to having this “dream come true” back in working order.

Stopped working for me too a long time ago - after initially getting it set up properly, port forwarding, etc. All I ever get is the poor connection error. Just another function that I had working that now doesn’t.

Did you reset or reinstall the app? Helped many people


I use ARC little, in the beginning it often worked.

When I try it currently (most recently yesterday evening), I only get the message “bad connection”.

Reinstalling doesn’t change anything.