Having a problem migrating from computer to Sonictransporter

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Core was laptop now Sonictransporter latest Roon release

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PS Audio Direct Stream Dac Ethernet connected

Description Of Issue

For the life of me when I change the core from my laptop to the Sonictransporter only some of my playlists get migrated. Half are missing. And it’s not intermittent. I have tried everything I have read on the subject. Everytime it is the same. And the worst part is all my favorite music is what doesn’t migrate. So please help me! I stayed up until 3:30am last night trying everything to no avail.

Thanks Ron

Hi @Ron_Hale,

Can you confirm where these playlists are originating from? Are these iTunes, TIDAL/Qobuz, or Roon playlists?

Tidal playlists

Well they are from Tidal but they are in Roon

I made them using Roon is what I am trying to say. But they are from Tidal. What’s funny is all my others that migrate are also from Tidal

No suggestions here? I am at my wit’s end.

Hello @Ron_Hale,

Have you made sure to restore a Backup of the laptop to the SonicTransporter? Roon-created playlists reside in the Roon database, so you will have to transfer these over for them to show up.

And how do I do this? I have tried so many things I am lost now.

This may be my problem because now that I think about it all my playlists that did migrate I think I created when I only had Tidal. The ones that aren’t migrated are the ones I created in Roon.

Hi @Ron_Hale,

The easiest way to save a Backup (<-- clickable link) would likely be to a USB drive.

My suggestion here would be to switch back to the PC as the Core, find a USB drive size that’s suitable for your Roon backup, connect the drive to the PC USB port, and then create a manual backup using Roon’s backup manager:

Once you press the “Backup Now” button, locate the USB drive from the left-hand listing. Then after the backup is complete, connect it to your SonicTransporter and switch Cores (Settings -> General -> Disconnect). Then navigate to the same backup menu, Find Backups and point Roon to the backup you just made from your PC. If you are stuck on any of these steps, please provide screenshots of where exactly you are stuck. You can use these instructions (<-- clickable link) to upload screenshots to community.

– Noris

Ok thanks. That was going to be my last resort. I have been waiting on a good sale for a 2 TB drive. Haven’t found one yet. But it’s like when I type the address in for Roon to find my backup it always says couldn’t find or something like that. That’s when I don’t log in to Roon and click on that bottom link to migrate it. That’s where I get in trouble is no matter what I type for Roon to find my backup it always says it can’t find it. And I went into my explorer and the sharing tab for that folder and typed it exactly as it is into Roon. When I deleted it like it says in the other directions there was definitely stuff in there. It was a lot. It took like an hour to delete it all. So why does it always say it is not there. The only thing I can think of is I am not typing it right. But I type it exactly as it shows.

Well I will try your method and get back. Thank you very much for your help.


Oh one other thing. How do I remove my watched folder. On my phone I have disable but it says in the directions not to do that. How do I remove the watched folder when I can’t find that option? I am not deleting it because that’s where all my music is.

Hi @Ron_Hale,

You should be able to use a USB thumb drive to transfer the backup over.

I am not sure where you saw the directions to delete the folder, can you let me know which instructions you used exactly? I did not suggest deleting any backup folders nor disabling your watched folder locations.

The overall process that you need to use here would be as follows:

  1. Have the Core running on the PC (if you are currently connected to the SonicTransporter go to Roon Setttings -> General -> Disconnect -> Select “Use this PC” as the Core

  2. Create a backup from inside of Roon and point the backup location to the USB drive

  3. Plug the flash drive into your SonicTransporter

  4. Go back to your laptop and connect to the SonicTransporter as the Core (Roon Settings -> General -> Disconnect -> Select SonicTransporter from “Choose your Core” screen

  5. Go to Roon Settings -> Backups

  6. Find Backups -> Browse…

  7. Select the flash drive from the right-hand side and point Roon to the backup on the flash drive

  8. Restore the backup from your PC

Those instructions are for a USB transfer, but if you already have a network shared folder (you indicated you were trying to do this in explorer) and the path doesn’t work, then you might have a firewall blocking the connection to your laptop. You can try to temporarily disable any antivirus firewalls to see if that allows your SonicTransporter to connect to your laptop share. Hope this helps!

Yes I will follow your directions. I am just letting you know what I had read somewhere on the Roon forums. I have read so much I don’t remember where it was. It says delete all the files in the network share called RoonDb or something like that. Then remove your watched folder list. This is where mine always went wrong because I could never remove it. This is all I was saying. I appreciate your help. I will give it a go when I get me a 2tb drive. I will report back here.

Thanks again,

Hi @Ron_Hale,

You definitely don’t want to mess with the Roon DB folder at all. That is where your database is stored and deleting this folder will erase any metadata edits, Roon-created playlists and identified content from the database.

This folder should never be touched unless directed by myself or by other Roon staff on a case-by-case basis. Have you already started deleting stuff from the RoonDB folder? I sure hope you haven’t otherwise you may have caused some corruption to your existing library…

No it’s still all there. And how big of a thumb drive should I need?

Hi @Ron_Hale,

Thanks for confirming that the DB folder was not modified. I am not sure how large of a thumb drive you will need, it will depend on your library side. I would think that a 32GB or 64GB flash drive should be sufficient though and they’re pretty cheap now-a-days. Do let me know how it goes!

Well I would have more info on this, but my computer with the core on it stopped working unfortunately. I guess this wasn’t meant to be. I was all set up to do this. Had switched core back to the laptop. Put the thumb drive in. Then saw a spider on the laptop. Unplugged it and took it outside and knocked the spider off of it. Went back inside and it has not turned on since. It was a nice laptop not very old. I am extremely disappointed.

Hi @Ron_Hale,

Sorry to hear about the PC… If it’s not turning on at all anymore you may want to bring it to a PC repair shop and ask them to take a look. You might have knocked something loose when trying to get rid of that :spider:.

– Noris

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