Having a problem with my left and right on Pi-DigiAmp+

So, I fully expect I’m doing something very silly here, but I’ve just realised that my left/right channels are swapped when playing from Roon (ROCK on a NUC7i5) to a Pi-DigiAmp+ (running Roon Bridge on Volumio). Speakers are wired as per the board and manual but the channels are definitely swapped, even with DSP disabled. I can swap them back using the procedural EQ -> Mix but has anyone got any idea what I might be missing??

I’ve tried restarting. I’ve been running this for months and not noticed previously so possibly new behaviour or maybe I just missed it on first install.

Thanks for any ideas!

I wonder if this is a Pi OS issue…have you tried with a different OS like Ropieee or DietPi?

I run this HAT on several RPi installations with Ropieee and have not noticed it…I also at one time ran this with Volume and also didn’t notice any swapped L&R but that was some time ago

Testing with a different OS would mean flashing another (ideally) 4GB SD card to test it with. Ropieee is probably the easier of the 2 suggested as its pretty hands off as far as installing goes.

That’s a thought, thanks, I’ll give it a go. I have tried out another Volumio setup with a Pi-DAC+ and that’s fine but of course a slightly different board. Also helpful to know that it’s not happening for you, so clearly something about my config.

It’s a fairly easy option to try…I’ll double check my ropieee / digiamp+ setups this evening just to be sure as they are in non critical listening locations where I’m not accutely focused when listening as it’s more for music while eating or drifting off to sleep :smiley:

Tagging @Gordon_Garrity here too in case there is a known issue with that setup

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That’s kind of you, thanks very much :grinning:Unfortunately this RPi is rather tricky to get to so will be a while before I have a chance to swap it over to check. As a first step (because it saves me moving it) I’ll also try directly via Volumio in case there’s some very odd interaction with Roon, though I can’t see that there could be.

There can be occasions when L/R are swapped on digiamp vs the pcb label. This can be fixed in Alsa configuration or just swap the cables from left to right.

@Gordon_Garrity Gordon which is correct as per your images or the other way around? Were there some boards with this incorrectly masked?

Thanks for the quick reply…helpful to know it may just be an anomaly with the board. I was interested to see in the pictures that the connections are the other way round to the Pi-Amp+ (relative to the power connector). I’ll try out wizardofoz’s suggestion and failing that just swap the cables.

Depending on your source you may find that the channels are correct. If you don’t then swap them (either in SW config) or physically. The silkscreen is as expected.

@Gordon_Garrity OK well it does seem that according to the labels mine are reversed too…so I wonder where this is getting messed up. Mine is using Ropieee @spockfish with Digiamp+ HAT. This is on one setup tested thus far. I still have some others to check on and I might just check the DAC-Pro units too when I get a minute.

My units are fairly old now. Maybe Harry can check this too as I know he has some HATS around. Could it be something easily added as a reverse check box in the web UI on Ropieee?

Thanks for checking this out @wizardofoz - at least I’m now fairly confident I’m not missing anything obvious :grinning:

Just checked my other unit same situation… both I seldom listen to other than background music so not been critically tested. This kinda sucks tho as some of my builds are rather well put together with minimal length connections using silver wires that of course are all screwed up potentially now for my headphone rigs. Luckily the runs are pretty short but it will mean having to redo them potentially at some stage.

How can we find out where this is being changed?

And what command like would one use to have it swapped in ALSA?

That does sound frustrating - I only realised because I was preparing to take some room correction measurements. I’m not clear whether changes via ALSA would persist across o/s updates - I presume not? That said, I’ve likewise no idea how to do this.

he guys, before i jump into this and build something for this in ropieee…

I’m trying to understand how this all of a sudden happened. Can someone enlighten me?


Harry I didn’t have a reason to question the board markings and just assumed they were as as indicated. At least until this thread started the I was intrigued so I tested with audio test cd’s with individual left and right channel identifications which I am quite sure are correct. So while I can’t say what exactly is swapped and where it’s definitely an issue for more than one of us.

I don’t have any other hats I can try with so I’m not sure is this is a software or a hardware issue.

Harry I would also say that I’m not saying this is something that you need to fix, just wondering if it’s an easy thing to accommodate in ropieee or for that matter if it’s isolated to the iqaudio digiamp+ only or all other hats too as this might imply a build or ALSA issue maybe.