Having to constantly restart Roon core

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B&W Formation Duo, wireless

Description Of Issue

I am currently running a trial version of Roon and the product appears a little buggy to me. Issues encountered:

  1. I am using my One Plus 6 android phone as controller. Every time I close the Roon app on the phone and then try and reconnect it cannot find the Roon Core until I go into the NAS and restart the Roon Core. This is very irritating.
  2. Whilst in the app I was playing a tidal track and then wanted to search for another artist. I clicked the search bar but starting typing but it just wouldn’t print out any characters. I just could not do a search. I closed the app completely and went back in (after having to restart the core) and then search bar then worked.
    At present I am not at all certain I would want to pay for the subscription beyond my trial with these kind of issues. Although when the app does work, it is very good.

The NAS is underpowered to run roon, has it finished analysing your library?

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I believe the server has finished analysing the library. It’s not that big and I see no obvious ongoing activity.
I understand the NAS is underpowered and may consider a dedicated server but this wouldn’t account for the issue described.
And the issue related to the android app certainly would have nothing to do with the server

Similar thing happening here. Nap 453 Pro 8gb of Ram with 8tb Raid 0.

A bit of a faff that I could do without. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse. Just been falling back to the Auralic app when it happens while I’m working.

A new update. Used an iPad with roon remote and no issues noted. I can close and reopen roon on the tablet and it finds the core straight away. No issues noted on the search either. So the problem lies either with my phone itself (one plus 6) and it’s compatibility with roon or an issue with Android and roon.
Uninstalled roon remote on the phone and reinstalled but same issues exist. Anyone noticed similar ?

Because Android is not standard across all users, some devices do have issues. It can be network related (and your use of Mesh WIFI is a possible factor). Your best bet is to use the iPad and write the phone off as a remote unless you really need to use it.

Hello @Chris_Moore, I agree with ged about the NAS being underpowered, do you have another machine you could use as the core? And for the Android device, when you see the “waiting for core” message there should be a “help” option. If you tap there you should be able to enter the server IP or try and connect the Android. Please let me know if that works!

Perfect @nuwriy works. Thanks. I have an i7 dell laptop but really wanted an always on machine hence the nas. Am thinking about possibly investing in an innuos mk iii but have read some reviews questioning it’s power. I would be hoping to get a few years running it as a roon server without any upgrades causing performance issues. Any thoughts on a good candidate server ?