HDMI and fixed sound level

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NUC 7i7 + Rock

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I wanted to try the HDMI output of the NUC but it is at fixed volume even modifying the sound level in Roon on the NUC “zone”.
I went in the device setup but nothing there except apparently the volume limits I tried to use to lower the level… then it went to a strange mess in this part of the “device setup” without changing anything to the sound level when listening…
Note: in the setup the sound the sound is not fixed.
Thank you for your help.

And now nothing out of the hdmi of the Nuc…

Hi @Digipat,

Apologies for the trouble here! Can you share a screenshot of device setup for this Zone in Roon?

Thank you for your attention.
Here are some screenshots (in French but I think ok)

1- Same sound between the two first images. The sound is back and I do not know why. But fixed level.

2- By the way there is a sample rate conversion from 96kHz to 48kHz… Is it due to the capacity of the HDMI of the Nuc?

3- There is a bit depth conversion but I do not use the DSP… is it normal?

Does the amp your plugging the hdmi into support those bitdepths? It might be limited to 48khz and 16 bit if an older av reciever

I use
NUC [HDMI] TV HUB [toslink] Swissonic DA 24/192 [RCA] McIntoch C46 etc.

What is the TV Hub? That is likely your weak link and only supports up to 48khz or that’s what it is reporting to Roon. Optical will only support 96/24.

You’re right. I am using my TV because I did not receive my usb DAC. So hdmi of the NUC is going to the TV and then to the DAC via optical… The TV should limit to 48kHz.
But still, the fixed sound level problem is not solved :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Most TVs will fix the level of a digital input is passing through does on my Sony Tab and your using device volume from what I can see in your images of Roon or is my translation bad so the device controls the volume.

Hi @Digipat,

Try giving DSP Volume a try. That should work for you.

If i understand well, the tv is fixing the sound level as I used its digital entry so I cannot change the level from the source…?

I think I did try this

Yes. That is the most likely possible cause. It needs to be fixed or it could not pass through dolby digital data. DSP volume should work as it’s then processed by Roon before sending it out, but you do loose bit perfect and some sq.

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