HDMI ARC issues on Bluesound power node

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK on NUC10i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi Router RBR50v2 with one satellite.

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node (ethernet), Bluesound Powernode (ethernet), Bluesound Flex (WiFi), MAC mini and MacBookPro.

Number of Tracks in Library

I switched over from Spotify to Roon/Tidal a couple of days ago and am really happy with it so far.
The only issue I have is the sound on our TV. The power node is connected by HDMI to the HDMI ARC input from the TV. Before the Roon install we could listen to radio or Spotify on the Powernode and when we turn on the tv it would automatically switch over to the TV sound.
That doesn’t work anymore, now we have to go in the Bluesound app and change the input manually.
So far I haven’t been able to find a topic about it, if there already is one please let me know.

Hi, fellow user here…
Did you enable ‘Auto Sense’ under Settings - Player - Sources - HDMI ARC? Please note that only one input can have ‘Auto Sense’ enabled so make sure that it’s disabled for the optical input.

Thanks for your input Bert.
I checked the settings and Auto Sense is enabled for HDMI ARC and disabled for the optical inputs.
So unfortunately this is not the problem.
Thx again.

Did you try a reboot of the power node?

Yes is did reboot the Bluesound, TV and setup box. Wil do some more testing this weekend with a different HDMI cable.

Hi @Ruud_Hijdra,

Can you also confirm the firmware version for your Node? Im checking some things on the Bluesound side of things and would like to confirm.


Hi @Ruud_Hijdra,

One more thing. I have a friend at Bluesound and he got back to me. Here’s what he said:

In testing here, HDMI ARC + Auto Sense defeats Playing or Paused ROON TIDAL Playback. Our ARC source is a Samsung TV.

Now, our Auto Sense handling only detects when the HDMI ARC signal goes from “Alive” to “Dead”, and there are various odd models of TVs that have a “Sleep Mode” handling that actively keeps the TV’s ARC Signal “Alive at all times”, giving our Players no change to pick up on.

A logic change could have started due to an update on the customer’s TV. To troubleshoot that this issue has little to do with the TV, have the customer:

Disconnect the TV’s HDMI ARC from the Powernode/Node
Turn on the TV
Play ROON + TIDAL to the Powernode/Node
While Playing, connect the HDMI ARC to the Bluesound Player 

Going from ‘Dead/Unconnected’ to ‘Alive’ should generate the expected switchover.

If the Bluesound Player doesn’t switch over to the HDMI ARC input, then the TV is probably doing something odd.

Then, check out what the TV’s make and model is, and make sure it’s on the latest TV firmware.

Please let me know how it goes and have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Wes, thanks a lot for your reply and help.

Firmware of the Powernode is 3.18.7.
TV is a Sony with the latest software on it.
What happens is the following, maybe this helps in figuring out what is wrong.

  • when I play music on the Powernode and then turn on the TV the music stops but the TV doesn’t take over the sound. I then have to go into the Bluesound app to change the source.

I will try the things you mention in your reply above and also a new cable tomorrow.
Can’t do it right now cause my wife is watching TV and i’de better not start fiddling with cables and stuff right now :slight_smile:
Thx again, I’ll come back with an update tomorrow.


Hi there, did some more testing this morning.
I tried what your friend at Bluesound said and that works.
Plugging in the HDMI ARC while playing ROON+TIDAL makes the Powernode switch immediately to the TV sound.
I also tried a new cable without result.
I did discover something else that might bring us closer to the problem.
I had the TV on while the Powernode is playing ROON/TIDAL, then when I turned the TV off the power node stops playing and mutes the sound (little x showing at the volume control).

This is what I tried sofar today…

Thank you, @Ruud_Hijdra,

I’m working with Bluesound to see what they think in light of the new information.


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