HDMI exclusive mode

I have a simple samsung reciever/blu-ray player

I use HDMI out on my geforce,

I have not used it recently but some times I’ve had to use AVR Audio Guard

This app sends constant silence so that the reciever connection don’t fall asleep.

Establishing a new audio link takes time which skips the start note of a track.

When using exclusive mode in Roon the problem has clearly reappeared and as it has exclusive access to the hardware device I can’t use a solution like AVR Audio Guard to solve it this time. It would be nice if you could toggle exclusive mode and Roon actually captured the device until you told it to release. Currently it seems to release when not playing which causes the silence when starting a track. Not releasing at all would be terrible of course as anyone can tell. I really want exclusive mode but without the silence that comes from my reciever not waking up quickly enough.

Giving a quick update I notice I skipped about 2 seconds of sound in exclusive mode so I tried to set delay to 3000ms and it seems to work.

If it is not broke don’t fix it, hehe, I’m happy for now.