Hdmi multichanel output

is it possible to output Multichannel sounds (5.1 flacs) via hdmi from ropieee to AVR?

No it isn’t. HDMI sound is not supported on RoPieee.

so what other distro can I use as a roon bridge on RPI and output sound via HDMI. I need to use hdmi bc i want to playback Multichannel (flacs 5.1) and i want to connect my roon bridge directly via HDMI to my AVR (there is no usb and spdif/coax do not support mch playback). Thanks

if there is a distribution like that whats the issue to add output via hdmi? i am missing point…

I don’t have a Raspberry Pi, so I can’t say with absolute certainty. But when I was searching for a multi-channel Roon solution, the consensus on this site was that the RPi can only support 2-channel via HDMI. Here’s the most recent RPi update I could find:

So I ended up having to use a small Windows mini-PC instead with Roon Bridge.

i tested it with vero4k and it worked somehow… but they did recently update and it doesnt work… now. Is multichannel via hdmi supported for mac mini as roon bridge?