HDMI output unreliable on Nucleus

Because I already owned a good Denon AV amp (not Roon Ready) when I bought the Nucleus, I thought I would use the HDMI output with a video/audio splitter. Initially, this worked quite well, but has become so unreliable that it is difficult to get any output from either HDMI socket.

I have ended up using Bluetooth from my tablet to a small Bluetooth transponder. Not ideal for quality. At some stage I will go to Roon Ready, but I am perplexed about the reason for this failure.

Does anybody have a suggestion?


Not understanding what the audio/video splitter is for in this instance. The only video from the NUC HDMI is the OS boot screen. Can you provide info on the use case.

I tried a splitter when I went with the NUC because I wanted the HDMI audio to feed multiple components but it did not work for me.

I use HDMI from the NUC to a Denon receiver and it has worked fine for years for hi-res and multi-channel playback.

I think that you also need to give some more information about what the other equipment is in your setup, e.g. what the HDMI outputs on the Denon are connected to. And have there been any changes recently.

I say this because my ROCK/NUC worked faultlessly with my Denon AVR when the latter was connected to a Panasonic TV. When we replaced this with a Samsung TV, the HDMI handshaking across the NUC → Denon → TV broke on a regular basis. I had to invest in a Doctor HDMI device between the NUC and the Denon to fix the handshaking problems.

Thank you for your replies. The Denon AVR is pretty old and doesn’t have HDMI in or out. I no longer use it for video as it only has SCART or equivalent connections. For audio it works well as a DAC, and I send the analogue pre-amp output to my Naim NAC72 preamp and Naim 250s.

So in order to get a digital feed to the Denon I used a splitter to give me a S/PDIF optical feed to the Denon and the HDMI I output to a small Sony television (and ignore).

The input to the splitter comes from Nucleus HDMI A. When working, the Sony shows the status of the Nucleus, as you would expect, but sometimes it doesn’t and shows as not receiving any signal. However. it always displays Intel NUC as the source.

As a result of your emails, I changed the config and moved the HDMI output cable from the splitter and plugged it into the Nucleus HDMI B, thus taking the splitter out of the loop. This has given me the status on the Sony TV. That’s good. But also, as I had left the splitter connected to HDMI A ,the optical output from the splitter, started to produce music from the Denon without the HDMI output cable being connected. It appears that the HDMI output from the splitter maybe the cause of the problem.

If this continues working, it is an excellent result. I will leave this as is and see if it is reliable. If it stops working, I will post again.

Thanks again.