HDMI to SPDIF conversion

Any suggestions for a small and simple box with an hdmi input and a spdif output?

I would like to feed YouTube into the Meridian 818.
Was thinking of an Apple TV box, but it’s hdmi out only.

Other suggestions?

(I could put a Dragonfly on an iPad and feed the analog signal into the Meridian, but it seems inelegant.

@AndersVinberg google is your friend http://lmgtfy.com/?q=hdmi+to+optical+spdif+converter

Yes, Google, but I trust the judgement of this community.

Amazon has a hundred of them, $20 no-name devices don’t make me feel good.


do You have an old AirPort Express lying around? You could use AirPlay from the AppleTV to it and plug the AirPort Express into your processor.

Assuming you are trying to get an SPDIF output from Roon there might be other other options, but you specified an HDMI input…An apple TV doesnt have HDMI in.

If its not from Roon then what exactly are going to be using as the source?

No, I wanted to feed YouTube into my system.
Roon can’t accept an input.

I could use a PC with usb out, but I don’t keep a PC in the music room.
That’s the iPad keeps coming up, it’s the only screen there.

I do not.

I do have a Meridian HD621, it does that, but it is in a TV room. And it is big…

Of course one of those little converter boxes is intended for this purpose.

Hmm. What kind of audiophile SPDIF cable do I put between the Meridian and an $18.77 Chinese box?


I like these guys.

Yes. A KanexPro. Best one I’ve tried and works really well.

I use this to feed output from my Sony Blu-ray player into my DAC, et al, for listening to high-res audio from SACD, Blu-ray and DVD-Audio.