HDPlex 200W Linear Power Supply

Has anyone heard what’s going on with HDPlex? They seem to be out of stock permanently. I’ve poked around on some other forums and I haven’t run across any announcements or updates from them on product availability. The “new” version of the 200W Linear looks like it would be an awesome fit in my main rig.


I bought a couple a few months ago…just put your email down on the advise list and Larry will ping you when they come in.

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@wizardofoz - I did enter my email approximately a month and a half ago. I was just curious if anyone has heard anything either through media or back channel. I think I’ve become addicted to Prime. I need to adjust my expectations down to reality vs Prime’s near immediacy. Yet another first world issue…

@wizardofoz -

How do you like the PS?

Is the build as good as it looks on their site?

Have you had any issues?

Thanks in advance,

Great build quality and plenty of cables included too. Runs warm without the ac on with a NUC7i7BNH but I keep it well ventilated.

@wizardofoz - It doesn’t look like there are fans from the photos, is it completely silent?

Absolutely no fans…got fins tho.

@wizardofoz - that’s exactly what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

On Audiophile forum you can read more about the new 200W PSU.

There seems to have been some problems with it that might have causedt it to be out of stock.

I have the old 200W model that dont use LT3045 regulators. I use all four rails 5Vdc for ISP fiberconverter, 19Vdc for router, 12Vdc for switch and 19Vdc for NUC with Roon ROCK.

It runs so hot that I have a 120mm fan under it on low speed to cool it. Dont know if the new one will run that hot.

The 2 adjustable rails are max rated 2.0A. The remaining rails 12V and 19V can supply the remaining watts so it’s not 200w on each output. You don’t need a powerful fan…something just moving air slowly over and around it is fine. You could use one of the variable outputs to a 12v fan and run it lower voltage so it’s not noisy.

Note the ambient temperature in my room without ac is about 29-30deg C all year. 25 if I have the ac on and maybe a tad less with it flat out cold.

I have one of these now and a 2nd coming that should soon be shipped. They are very flexible in configuration, with no fans and are an excellent choice if you want to power multiple boxes with a great lps.

They do a manufacturing run and then sell/ship until they are all gone and then queue up another one and often additionally upgrade the unit with improved components. Because of this there are windows (sometimes long) where there are none available. They are just getting new units in from another manufacturing run and will soon start shipments. This unit was also improved with a bigger heat sink for the rectifier.

When they have availability they ship on a first pay first served basis. You can, as a previous poster said, get your name on the email list to be notified when units are available, but if you want to be guaranteed a unit, email them telling them you want to prepay and they’ll send send you a link to pay. That gets you in the guaranteed ship queue, That’s what I did. IMHO, I would have no concerns about the unit or company.

Good luck.


Thanks for your update and great advice. I will be emailing them shortly.

I have just bought a HDPlex 200w and I’m using it to power my SGC i7 server. Without warning up from the start it’s cleaner, more delicate and better defined. Worth every penny.

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Hi, I have my email on the list so hopefully…My question: can I power more than one device with this HDPlex LPS? I want to power my Nucleus +. But my router is right there…can I Power it also? Would it be advisable to also power the router with the LPS? It is a FIOS G1100 12v 3a. Thanks!

You are limited cumulatively by 2 things. Watts and current on the variable outputs at 2A max

The fixed 19v & 12V outputs have 10A available.

@wizardofoz is correct @Ken_Kyser. I currently use one of my HDPlex LPS’s (I have 2) to power my nucleus and an optical to ethernet converter which connects to my Lumin U1. You could definitely power both a nucleus and a router with it.

I power a 16 port Netgear switch, ROCK NUC and a Synology NAS. The plex is connected to a UPS, its been running for over 6 months now. I can’t claim to notice any difference in sound quality around my various end points, but it continues to work well, quite warm to the touch though.

I’m considering getting a H3 V3 from Hdplex (i plan to use a mini rxt). Larry is out of stock on the power supply 400w combo and 200e dcatx as well. He suggested i use a external ac adpter plus picoPSU like solutions.

I don’t know anything about power supply’s. Any guidance on what I sould be looking at exactly - there are many variants ans don’t know what I should be using. Thanks

I recently had one of my HDPlex 200w supplies die. A quick email to Larry and he had a replacement unit shipped out to me and I got it within a couple of weeks. Top service!!!

Now there is an updated 300w option even better for the future.

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