Headless Core fun

I want to move my MacMini that is my “headless” core. If I unplug it and disconnect it from the internet and move it will I be able to access it when I reconnect it without a monitor and keyboard at the new location?

Hi Richard,

When you installed Roon Server on the Mini and then started it, there would have been a Roon icon in the menu bar at the top right of the screen.

If you right click it, you can select “Launch at Startup”. If you did that, then you won’t have a problem. If you haven’t, then you need to select it.

Cheers, Greg

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I think you also need “automatic user login”.
Otherwise the MacMini is waiting in the user login screen.
(System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Options -> Automatic login)

Thank you Greg. Is ther someplace where the setup questions are answered? I have so many more. I don’t understand many things on the audio setup page. What is “system output”. apple core audio", “built in output” should these prefs. be enabled?

Hi Richard,

You can find lots of information here. Check out the frequently asked questions area. You can search as well.

Feel free to post questions if you can’t find the answers. Lots of people are glad to help.

A Roon User Guide is coming soon.

Cheers, Greg

Don’t forget your server will still need to be able to access your music files on the same path as currently specified in Roon. Otherwise your server won’t be able to play your music.

Assuming you still have a LAN connection, I always like to use TeamViewer on headless setups just in case you need to restart an application or make a configuration change (independent of Roon)

+1 for teamviewer. One of the best remote apps out there IMHO.

I prefer standard VNC here with various choices of the client.

I second VNC. It makes a non-Roon-compatible iPad a great remote control and net analyzer. I can’t imagine running headless without something like this.