Headless linux distro for roon + plex

Is there a headless linux distro that you guys recommend for installing roon core + plex on an NUC? Something like DietPi for NUC which will make the installation process possible on an ssh session?

Edit: Does ROCK allow installation of external programs through apt-get via ssh?

I haven’t tried this but DietPi does provide an x86_64 image which allows (I think) the running of Roon Core and possibly the installation of Plex too.

From the DietPi web-site:

The Native PC image is great for those occasions where SBC performance just isn’t enough. Run one of these on any x86_64 PC/server and still get the same great DietPi features and experience


DietPi is not an appropriate distribution for anything other than a Raspberry Pi or similar.

Try Ubuntu Server. You’ll need to connect a keyboard and monitor for installation.



“We have had the strongest positive experiences with Ubuntu 15.10”.

A cheap USB keyboard can be had for less than $20, and I’m sure the author of this topic has a television that has an HDMI input available. Why run a distribution designed for SBCs when it’s not necessary to do so?

And not even DietPi allows for installation over SSH: Once the media is written to a micro-SD card it’s already technically “installed”.

Vortexbox is pretty good. Just disable the Squeezebox stuff and your off. It also has a simple guide for adding some extra stuff like Plex and Bliss of which I use both.

It doesnt have to be DietPi. I’m asking if there is a similar project for ubuntu/archlinux with the same ease of configurability as Dietpi.

I am personally using ubuntu server using only docker images for application stuff like plex, Roon server and other stuff. Keeps config and maintainance simple.

Maybe fits your bill too.