Headphone amp & DAC with bluetooth

Hey Roonies!

In my bedroom I’m currently running a very tired old pair of Sennheiser HD-201s plugged directly into the headphone socket of a Squeezebox Touch. I’d like to use better cans and therefore want to up the ante in terms of DAC and headphone amplification. I’d also like to be able to listen to podcasts from my phone so I’d like bluetooth functionality as a source.

Any suggestions?

Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 Pro (at least, once it gets its Roon certification).


+1 for the DX3 Pro. Cracking little unit.

Thanks for the replies, guys!

@cwichura the Matrix Audio looks nice alas out of my current budget, unfortunately.

Both the Topping and Loxjie look good and seem well regarded. Seems like the Topping has better bluetooth standards and a bit more grunt from its headphone amp albeit with higher impedence output.

Will have to take a closer look :grinning: