Headphone station / endpoint

Hi, after some advice on a cost effective way to create a headphone station. I do have a dragonfly cobalt which I have been using with my phone. But after something to leave plugged in in my favourite chair. Suggestions please.

You can assemble a Raspberry Pi 4 (RPi4) using parts from Amazon for $74. Plug in your Dragonfly and you’re good to go. I have done 3 of these and they work great using the free RoPieee software. The RPi4 works with ethernet or WIFI.

Or, there is a 10 percent off sale on the Orchard Audio Pecan Pi Streamer if you want to spend close to $500. The sale goes through tomorrow, I think.





Pecan Pi Sale

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Amazing thank you !

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Or, you can use a different case and add a screen for more money…

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