Heavys: Headphones designed specifically for listening to Heavy Metal (?)

Hi everyone, I came across this today and I must say, as a metalhead, I like the idea; but would the sound be different than other headphones? would driver placement make a difference?
what do you think?


This could certainly make a difference, whether you like that difference is a trickier call. He’s enthusiastic and the price isn’t outrageous but I’d want to see a review or similar before I got on board…

FWIW Axel Grell is a very well respected headphone engineer/designer with many, many years of experience working at Sennheiser. And I guess he is also a metal head. The Kickstarter page says that the headphones should be available in August 2022 for around $220 and there are various pledge packages which lower the price to about $170. So one either waits for the retail units to become available and decides to purchase based on the reviews or takes a chance and saves $50. Of course one might be stuck with $170 turkey or get a great bargain. I would think that based on Axel Grell’s reputation the chances of the Heavys being poorly received are pretty slim.