Hebrew Language Translation Issue

I noticed you added Hebrew as a translation language.
I started going over the strings, but it is currently impossible to translate Hebrew.
Hebrew is written right-to-left, not left-to-right. This requires a different encoding, usually UTF-8 works as far as I remember.
For example: character encoding - Hebrew text in HTML files - Stack Overflow

The reason it doesn’t work otherwise, is because it means that every time there’s a mix of words and numbers or Hebrew and English in the same line (even if it’s code), the word order flips. This doesn’t allow it to properly present the text.
I was hoping to give an example here, but it doesn’t let me do it here either.

Once that’s resolved, I can start/continue translating.


Hey @xup ,

Thanks for reaching out, you’ve reached the right person :slight_smile:

That does sound like it’s not working right!

A screenshot or a .gif would greatly help explain the issue to the team, you can upload screenshots to our forum by using these instructions:

If you wish to create a .GIF of the behavior (which would be even better!), we have had great success with LICEcap:


Please send a screenshot/gif if possible, thanks!