Hegel H390 Roon Ready multi room issue

Hi, The Hegel in Roon multi room setup is having issues:

  • It could happen the stream suddenly stops - the Hegel appears in the Roon client with a warning;

  • It could happen the stream suddenly stops - the Hegel disappears in the Roon client;

  • Sometimes the Hegel only produces a strange sound.

In all circumstances the Bluesound Powernode in my kitchen (the other device) is playing without interruption. In some cases I have to restart the Roon server, sometimes that will have no effect and I have to disconnect the Hegel from power and wait for a while (30+ min) before the Hegel will show up again in Roon. I contacted Hegel, their reply was: it is probably your network. I’m pretty sure it is not, I have a full Unify setup + cat 6a or higher network topology. Before Hegel Roon Ready I did use a Bluesound node 2i as a streamer in my living room. I did never experienced such issues earlier. I am wondering if there more Hegel users with similar experience in multi room use.

@Harold_Nijveen, a fellow user here, but this may be related to network issues. So we can provide improved support, can you please provide the following information:

Describe The Issue

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  • What’s not working
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Roon Core Machine

A dedicated Intel NUC (NUC7i5BNB, I5, 16Gb)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Full UniFi (UDM Pro, AP: Nano’s) ISP: Ziggo, 600/50

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H390, Bluesound Powernode (wireless)

Number of Tracks in Library

6000 - NAS

Roon core/client version

Core/client: v 1.8 build 1105

Streaming service

Tidal, Qobuz

Thank you Harold. Is your Hegel wired directly to the UDM Pro?

No, via an Unifi switch (wired).

Is the Unifi switch managed or unmanaged?

It is a managed switch. I’m not aware of unmanaged Unify switches.

Managed switches are an issue with Roon, they don’t reccommend using them due to some of the complexities added with the management and configuration capabilities. If you see their networking best practices:

I do not have a Unifi network and unfortunately cannot provide much guidance in their configuration options, but do you have settings that are adjustable on IGMP Snooping/Proxying or the Flow Control/QoS? There may be others on the forum who may be able to provide some insights on this.

The whole day multiroom music enjoyment, no issues at all. I did not change anything in my setup (except Roon 2.0).

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