Hegel Roon Ready status statement

I have send a question regarding the status of Hegel Roon Readyness,
In short; they are working on it, with increased resources, but want to release only when it is done right!

This is the answer i have got in Norwegian:

Hei Peter,

Takk for mail. Informasjonen du finner på nettsiden er aktuell og oppdatert https://support.hegel.com/product-articles/network-streaming-soundformats#roon-ready

Det er vanskelig å gi noe mer detaljert informasjon, vi bør kunne levere produkter til sertifisering hos Roon forholdsvis snart. Vårt mål er å levere denne oppdateringen så raskt som overhode mulig. Vi har et team som har kontinuerlig utviklingen, vi har også satt inn vesentlig økte ressurser for en stund siden, dessverre er det flere aspekter her som har tatt uhyggelig mye lenger tid enn først antatt og selv med økt ressursbruk tar det tid å komme i mål. Det er beklagelig, det er ikke noen quick fix her, vi må gjøre dette ordentlig.

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Hegel Music System AS – Oslo, Norway

Google translated -

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the mail. The information you find on the website is current and updated https://support.hegel.com/product-articles/network-streaming-soundformats#roon-ready 1

It is difficult to provide any more detailed information, we should be able to deliver products for certification at Roon relatively soon. Our goal is to deliver this update as soon as possible. We have a team that has continuous development, we have also invested significantly increased resources a while ago, unfortunately there are several aspects here that have taken an awfully much longer time than first thought and even with increased resource use it takes time to reach the goal. . It’s unfortunate, there is no quick fix here, we have to do this properly.

Sincerely, Best regards
Hegel Music System AS - Oslo, Norway

So nothing new.

Nothing new, but i wanted to hear their side of the story on where they stand.
The link provided is not dated on their website so it gives no relevant information.


IMHO, at this point, they need to be more transparent with this matter. OK, I understand that they don’t want to give another ETA (since they couldn’t meet the last one), but at least they should tell us what’s going on. What exactly is the problem they need so much time to overcome. And, at least, if an ETA is too much to ask, they should provide us with a timeframe. Is it 2020? 2021?

I mean, let’s be fair: if they were close to being ready, they would be able to assume an ETA. Overall, can’t say that I’m happy with the way they’re dealing with this matter.