Hegel Roon Ready status statement

I have send a question regarding the status of Hegel Roon Readyness,
In short; they are working on it, with increased resources, but want to release only when it is done right!

This is the answer i have got in Norwegian:

Hei Peter,

Takk for mail. Informasjonen du finner på nettsiden er aktuell og oppdatert Network, Streaming and Sound Formats

Det er vanskelig å gi noe mer detaljert informasjon, vi bør kunne levere produkter til sertifisering hos Roon forholdsvis snart. Vårt mål er å levere denne oppdateringen så raskt som overhode mulig. Vi har et team som har kontinuerlig utviklingen, vi har også satt inn vesentlig økte ressurser for en stund siden, dessverre er det flere aspekter her som har tatt uhyggelig mye lenger tid enn først antatt og selv med økt ressursbruk tar det tid å komme i mål. Det er beklagelig, det er ikke noen quick fix her, vi må gjøre dette ordentlig.

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Hegel Music System AS – Oslo, Norway

Google translated -

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the mail. The information you find on the website is current and updated https://support.hegel.com/product-articles/network-streaming-soundformats#roon-ready 1

It is difficult to provide any more detailed information, we should be able to deliver products for certification at Roon relatively soon. Our goal is to deliver this update as soon as possible. We have a team that has continuous development, we have also invested significantly increased resources a while ago, unfortunately there are several aspects here that have taken an awfully much longer time than first thought and even with increased resource use it takes time to reach the goal. . It’s unfortunate, there is no quick fix here, we have to do this properly.

Sincerely, Best regards
Hegel Music System AS - Oslo, Norway

So nothing new.

Nothing new, but i wanted to hear their side of the story on where they stand.
The link provided is not dated on their website so it gives no relevant information.


IMHO, at this point, they need to be more transparent with this matter. OK, I understand that they don’t want to give another ETA (since they couldn’t meet the last one), but at least they should tell us what’s going on. What exactly is the problem they need so much time to overcome. And, at least, if an ETA is too much to ask, they should provide us with a timeframe. Is it 2020? 2021?

I mean, let’s be fair: if they were close to being ready, they would be able to assume an ETA. Overall, can’t say that I’m happy with the way they’re dealing with this matter.

Can’t believe we are about to end 2020 and STILL no Roon from Hegel. I bought the H190 based on this promise and it is just crazy bad that they are still MIA on delivering this. Not even a date for a date! And Airplay 2? This will be my last Hegel product and I will never guy anything based on promised software support again.


I’ll probably get flamed for this but it amazes me why anybody buys hegel in the first place.
I’ve heard a couple of their amps owned by friends. Non have been keepers and they have not lasted more than a couple of months in their systems before being sold on. Both just very average products at best. The number of hegel on the used market is a warning sign for me. Just look at the number of Amps they’ve put out in a short period. If their product is so great why so many?
This Roon scenario and their lack of commitment further demonstrates to me that they are more interested in a cash grab.
Each to their own i guess.
Like I said, I’ll get flamed but hegel is one of the last companies I’d be looking at if I did need a new (or used) amp. And as for Roon, there are a plethora of great Roon ready devices out there that just serve Roon without problems. I think hegel probably realize that they are late to a show that they will never headline.


commiserations to you (and those sellers) for not hearing hegel. some people never apppreciate sounding which over them.

PS hegel+roon=0 story is a major failure, for sure.


If you want to get flamed, head over to the MQA threads…

“Many people are saying that Hagle products are average, we have the very best people that really know about Haagel. There are so many people that say to me, every day, “Sir, Hegle products are garbage, Sir, you don’t want a Hafgle” and I totally agree, Hadel make the absolutely worst vacuum cleaners - I’d never ever buy one. On the other hand, I really like “My Hegel”, there’s something I can get behind.”


I could go further by stating many solid state amps I’ve heard sound average at best to me. Some pure class A being the exception. I prefer tube amps.

I’m still concerned by the number of hegel on the used market. I’m in Norway (home of Hegel). Our eBay (finn) currently has 56 hits on hegel for sale. That’s a very high number and is also constant through time.
Makes me wonder why there are so many continually for sale?
If its upgrading in the range then it tells me the lower models can’t be that great.

Plus as this is a roon thread, we have a company telling people they have a roon ready product when quite clearly they don’t and also with no real commitment on when (or even if).

Ref MQA, I’m on the fence with that at the moment.

But like everything in this hobby, we can all have an opinion and not everybody will agree. Such is life.

+1 on SMFH

It is not that many if you look closer, mainly older low end models, H70, H80 and a lot of older DACs.
The search on Hegel also includes it as a search word…
Your conclusion on the issue is probably not accurate.
I own an H390 and it is sounding amazing.
But not being Roon Ready while it should be by now is an issue.

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Whereas I find tube amps to sound incorrect. Each to their own.

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and that is the most important thing :+1:

I hear you, I have friends who also dismiss tubes.
I also drive Harbeths with tubes which classes me as a heathen to many Harbeth owners.
Ive not heard my Harbeths with a Hegel driving them, but have read positive things ref Harbeth & Hegel together.
If I ever get the chance I will report back.
Maybe one day ill be on here flaming my own post, stranger things have happened. :v:

Just received this:

“ Röst will not Roon support, that is beyond the capabilities of the processor used in that model. Our current range including H120, H190, H390 and H590 will get Roon within a not too distant future, however, we don’t have an exact date for that yet.

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Hegel Music System AS – Oslo, Norway

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Getting Roon ready in place is not magic. I guess the issue here could be firmware conflicts within Hegel’s products. That is the only viable explanation.

And the reasoning (my free and fantasy thoughts) for them not giving us a date is:

  1. This was time consuming and a hassle
  2. <1 % of Hegel customers are using Roon
    = This is not important to Hegels revenue or growth

Leaving us who care the need for a looong USB cable, or use a computer close to your Hegel H590:-)
Note that you can order an active USB cable online, that enable’s you to hook your Hegel to your computer in another room. About 25-50 USD for 50 feet.(15m) check out Amazon or your locale shop.

Jan Ove

I am not jumping to conclusions on why it is taking so long.

What is annoying is that i own a damn good amplifier and a promise on a feature i really want.
I have to invest in a new streamer, thus using money on something that should be functional a long time ago in my H390, not the cheapest amplifier around.

Hegel is silent about when we get Roon Readyness, it is released when it is ready.
When is that?
When my H390 is obsolete and replaced by the next best thing and never will receive the promised feature?

In my opinion Hegel owes the owners that have Roon Ready promise on their device an explanation, apologies and compensation.
Maybe release a Roon Ready streamer for half the retail price, just like Primare did with their NP5.
A purpose designed Roon Ready streamer should be a quickie!

Instead we read that Hegel made and released a niche fun product in the form of a phono amplifier, because they could.



I contacted Hegel a few weeks ago when I decided to abandon my new KEF LS50W Mk2’s that had announced Roon Ready “Coming Soon” since last September when they were released.

This was their reply:

“Roon has been very forthcoming and helpful, so Roon has no responsibility for the delay. We have had to basically rewrite and streamline the software code for all our amplifier, a process that has just been finished. This has been an arduous task taking much longer time than we first estimated while our marketing people also started to speak about Roon a couple of years too early.”

I decided to just stay with my NUC/Audiolinux/Mutec front end, bought an MHDT Orchid DAC, a Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated amp, and a pair of Spatial Audio X5 open baffle speakers. Cost a LOT more but I was tired of marketing promises…

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Tired of the silence on when the promise is to materialize, made me decide not to buy a new Hegel product.

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Sad thing is that Hegel is quiet for month now even last i saw that they are close. I guess this is always same case close but month after month no real date still.
Its a sad story that thier software part is lacking so much. I didnt go for 390 but 190 because i rather get external DAC and roon ready device. The wait is just too long and i’m not confident of Hegel future promises when it comes to software and firmware part.