Help: Backup Restore Failed

Roon Core Machine

SGM Extreme by Taiko Audio
Dual Intel Xeon Scalable 10 core - 20 thread CPU’s for 20 cores - 40 threads in total
12x 4GB memory modules for 48GB in total

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet - 1000Gb wired connection

Connected Audio Devices

USB: dCs Vivaldi system
Nothing else connected to the roon server

Number of Tracks in Library

6,000 albums with 62,000 tracks
50 Playlists of significant personal value

Description of Issue

I have used Roon from beta version - loving it. In fact, I started with even earlier with multiple versions of the Sooloos systems.

In my Roon systems, I have always set scheduled back-ups of Roon in my old Roon server (SGM Evo server) for regular back-up every two days into a folder in DropBox.

I have therefore had ten dated versions of the back-ups in the “Roon Backup” folder in DropBox.

Last week, my new server, SGM Extreme, arrived. The SGM Extreme local partner (a fantastic professional) installed the server at my home and tried to migrate Roon from the old SGM Evo server to the SGM Extreme.

We backed up one last time into the hard drive (in addition to the 10 versions of backups kept at DropBox) before we started the migration.

We used the back-ups to restore - activating the restore from a menu item from Roon Client (under backup section). Restores have failed. We have tried with different versions of the back-ups over the past four years without success. We went through all the menu prompts of selecting from different dated versions of back-ups. All (20+ attempts) restore attempts failed with “Restore failed. Please check your backup folder and try again.”

Please help. I just need the Playlists. I do not mind losing all the old albums. The Playlists are very important.

Hello @Wing-Fai_Ng,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing with us the situation you’re in. We appreciate the details and we’re hoping to help :nerd_face:

You had mentioned backing up Roon to DropBox. Are you trying to restore the backup directly from DropBox? If so, could you please download the backup first and only afterwards restore the backup?

We tried restoring both - (a) from DropBox and (b) downloaded “Roon Backup” folder from DropBox to the hard drive. Both failed.

Hey @Wing-Fai_Ng,

Thanks for the swift reply and additional info :pray:

Could you please try restoring a local version of your backup (not Dropbox) and grab a set of logs immediately after?

Then, can you please upload the logs to Dropbox, Google Drive or a similar service and post a link here? Please be sure to turn on “sharing by link”, instructions on how to do so for Dropbox can be found here and for Google Drive can be found here.

Please, make sure to write down the local date and time when trying this :nerd_face:

Thank you.

Please see the logs in the Dropbox below:-

Hey @Wing-Fai_Ng,

Thanks a whole lot for sending the logs right away, and for your patience while the work week rolled around and we’re back in the office.

Our technical team has taken a look at your logs, but, unfortunately, they weren’t really conclusive. This is why, we’d like to give it another try. I hope you’d like that too.

Could you please:

  1. Reproduce the issue with your local drive
  2. Send the logs immediately after
  3. When the error message shows up, take a screenshot and share it with us

Thanks a bunch :pray: