Help for a complete novice

Hi, I want to use Roon and I do not have a server, and would exclusively like to stream content.

I have no idea what I need, but I am currently able to stream music through Denon HEOS on a Denon Receiver, I also have an OPPO 203 player that I believe is stream capable(although I’ve never attempted to use it as such).

I’d be using my MacBook Pro to host the software.

Do I have everything I need at this point to start? Do I need, or would you recommend I acquire a dedicated preamplifier? If you’d recommend I get some other equipment, please let me know what equipment you would recommend.

Thank you so much.


Hey Fred,
It looks like you have everything you need to start using Roon. The OPPO 203 is Roon ready, meaning you can stream to it when it is connected to the same network as the MacBook. You can also use USB out of the MacBook to the OPPO 203. For the Denon it depends on what model you have but you should be able to either hook it up to the MacBook with a USB cable, or stream to it over AIRPLAY. I don’t know what your system is like and how it is set up so I can’t say if you need a pre-amp or not, but you don’t need one to get Roon working.

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Thank you. I have a recent MacBook pro. I will give it a whirl. I have a Denon AVR-X3400h.

You can use Denon HEOS. I have the newest version of your receiver with HEOS and stream to it using Roon.

Thx, is there any benefit to streaming it through the Oppo because of its processing capabilities?

This may be a dumb question but once I have the Roon software on my Denon how to I get my MacBook Pro to connect with HEOS? Is there an app?

Take a look here to get started

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I think using the OPPO is going to give you better results because it is a Roon Ready device and will therefore use Roon’s RAAT protocol instead of Denon’s HEOS. I don’t own either products but it is usually better to go with the Roon Ready product

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Thank you. I’ve got it set up through the Oppo and it’s a huge improvement over the Denon. Thx.

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You mean Airplay?

I dont think HEOS works with Roon…Airplay is probably as good as you will get direct thru the Denon, the Oppo if connected to the Denon via HDMI or RCA is going to be the best option


Do I set the output on the OPPO to bitstream or PCM?

Also found the UDP-203 doesn’t process MQA. Would it be a big improvement to get a DAC that processes MQA?

Short Answer: That setting has to do with surround sound and the formats like Dolby 5.1, etc… and has nothing to do with 2 channel audio so it does not matter.

As for the MQA question, do you have a subscription to Tidal? If you don’t then No. If you do have Tidal and listen to MQA then you want an MQA DAC to fully unfold the MQA music files. This will give you the best sound you can get from MQA.

I have a subscription to Tidal which is the reason I subscribed to Roon. Went and bought a Bluesound Node 2i, but the guy at the hi-fi shop told me not to expect it to make a difference. He says the DAC in the Opposite 203 is superior to the Bluesound and that is more important than the MQA. We will see.

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