Help for new user using Roon With Sonos

I just began using Roon about a week ago and I have a couple of things I need some direction on.

My system is (2) Sonos Play 5 speakers paired as a stereo pair L+R and the Sonos sub. Within the Sonos app I am able to see my system configured as Sonos Play 5 L + R + Sub. Within the Roon app I see Sonos with a small icon of a Play 5 speaker. It is playing stereo through the speaker set but there is no indication that the Sub is being seen and it at best sounds real subtle through the Roon. How can I verify its presence in the Roon app? Secondly is there any test adjustment for the sub or overall system in the Roon app?

One of the reasons for selecting Roon was the confirmation I could use the Roon DSP tools with my Sonos system. At my age I have a fairly typical hearing loss in the 4K to 6K range that I would like to adjust via the Roon Parametric Equalizer. I am uncertain how to make this adjustment (low shelf vs high shelf etc). Also could I at the same time compensate for what I perceive as a lack of bass by boosting bass at the same time with the parametric equalizer (small steps from maybe 30hz to 100hz)? How can I make that adjustment?

Hello @Michael_Kulfan,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your questions. You can find more information regariding our DSP in our documentation, general DSP information can be found here (<-- clickable link) while specific information regarding Parametric EQ can be found here (<-- clickable link).

When you group the Sonos zones, they will appear as one in Roon. To verify if your Sub is working as intended, I would add two bands to the Parametric EQ in Roon’s DSP, one low-shelf and one high-shelf. Then you can configure it to boost the bass and lower the higher frequencies by configuring them like this:

This should give you a good idea of what’s working vs what’s not for lower frequencies. After confirming if it works, I would disable the first low-shelf band and leave just the high-shelf and move it to the right, and then enable the next band as a low-shelf to even out the signal again, something like this should work for you:

Hope that helps!


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