HELP MAKE ARC WORK FOR MORE USERS: Call for Volunteers with These Internet Service Providers to Join #EarlyAccess

Hi Everyone,

A portion of the user population has been locked out of using ARC because their internet service provider uses IPv6-format addresses. For the past several months we’ve been working on enabling IPv6 support within Roon which will open up the possibility of using ARC for a large number of these users.

We have enabled our initial implementation of IPv6 compatibility for users in Early Access. This change should have zero impact on your day-to-day usage of Roon and will require no modifications to your network configuration. It should “just work.” Obviously, we need to test this further and find edge cases, as IPv6 implementation varies network-by-network and by geographic region.

However, we need more volunteers to make sure our testing is representative of the real Roon ARC user base.

Below is a list of the major service providers that are known to have implemented IPv6 on their residential tier accounts.

If you have a service provider on the below list, please consider volunteering for testing by switching to the Early Access build on your Core. You can find instructions for joining Early Access here.

Once you have joined the Early Access program, please share the results of Roon’s attempt to configure port forwarding in this thread: Testing IPv6 support in Roon (for users locked out of ARC due to ISP reliance on IPv6 or CGNAT). Be sure to paste any diagnostics displayed in Roon → Settings → ARC, as these are most useful to the team.






  • SHAW (Canada)
  • COX (USA/Canada)
  • CENTURYLINK (and affiliated subnetworks) (USA)
  • FRONTIER (USA/Mexico)
  • T-MOBILE (and affiliated subnetworks) (USA/Mexico)
  • AT&T (USA)


  • VODAFONE (Germany and Italy, in particular)
  • VIRGIN IRELAND (Ireland)
  • ORANGE GROUP FRANCE (and affiliated subnetworks)
  • TELENOR (Norway)
  • ORANGE S.A. (Spain)
  • TELIA (and affiliated subnetworks) (Sweden)
  • SKY (and affiliated subnetworks) (UK)


  • Bezeq (Israel)
  • TATA PLAY (India)

Ideally, once you switch to the #earlyaccess build, Roon will detect your IPv6 network configuration and should attempt to automatically configure your router much in the same way that it does for users on IPv4 networks. Since automatic configuration is not always possible you may need to manually configure port forwarding on your router.

Since we have limited experience with the IPv6 routers in use by ISPs we are limited in the specific guidance that we can provide for configuring port forwarding for your network hardware. General information on port forwarding for ARC is available in the Roon Help Center .

Right now we are most concerned with gathering data on whether or not this functionality is working since we have limited ability to test internally. If you have an ISP on the above list, please consider following to see if you can successfully configure ARC communications by seeing if the port test passes on the Settings → Roon ARC screen in Roon.

We also want to ensure a smooth roll-out for all users when this feature goes live so please don’t hesitate to report any strange behavior related to networking in general.

Notes on IPv6

  • IPv6 has been enabled for all cores running Early Access. To ensure that support is enabled on your core you will need to restart Roon or Roon Server twice (once to update the configuration and again to ensure that the new networking code runs at statup)
  • This change involves changes to Roon as well as our back-end services which facilitate communication between ARC and your Roon core.
  • If you are running your core on RoonOS (Nucleus or ROCK) then you will need to update to the latest earlyaccess build of RoonOS.

Please reach out with any questions below. Thank you!


Hi about ARC working in Movistart Spain I have check with Movistart that still they are working with addresses IPv4 and not yet known when they will implement IPv6
So reasons for not getting ARC working should be cause by different reasons

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Please add Bezeq in Israel as an IPv6-supporting ISP.

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I am on a ipv4 which is the WAN address from COX. Is there a specific port to set on the router?

Yes, Arc currently works fine with Movistar in Spain

T-Mobile home internet in the US is still an issue sadly.

Tengo problemas con ARC
Que procedimiento siguió para instalarlo?
Si pudiera darme alguna indicacion se lo agradecere

Hi @francisco_gaston,

Thank you for your specification. Movistar and O2 have launched an IPv6 beta program in Spain that we’re hoping to test out - however, it’s so far severely limited in its geographic implementation, so we’re not sure any ARC users in their residential account tier actually have IPv6 external addresses yet.

For now, since the majority of Movistar ARC users are on IPv4, we’ve removed it from the above list to avoid confusion. Thanks again!

Hi @maoravni,

Thanks for the suggestion. Bezeq does indeed apply IPv6 to the majority of their accounts, it seems, so we’ve added it to the recruitment list.


I use ARC successfully in Australia when travelling via the Telstra network. However, when I have been in the UK, and Indonesia, ARC will not work via the local networks. I use my Telstra SIM overseas.

Not sure why this is, but I think you need to look at this. I suspect it’s an issue between the Telstra partners in both UK and Indonesia.



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Thank you for the insight, @Nick_McAndrew, I’ll note this for the team.

Hi, Just to say I would be helping out with the IPv6 of ARC, however when you set your Virgin Media Ireland Router to ‘Modem Mode’ it only takes a IPv4 address from the ISP. So although my WAN/LAN router and internal network is capable, it only operates externally through IPv4 addresses.
Furthermore my understanding is IPv6 support is provided by DS-Lite, a legacy of UPC ownership. This mode has to be requested and limited to use of Virgin CSP equipment. As such, I don’t believe it is that common within the subscriber base.


@Aidan_Nolan i see you were looking for this, as having DS-Lite configured for IPv6 support with Virgin Media Ireland.

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Thanks for the tag @simon_pepper.

I’ll have a look over the weekend.

Automatic configuration/test, returns Not ready upon first try post early access 1254 Roon Server on Windows install.

What internet provider do you have? Still doesn’t work for T-Mobile home internet for me

Virgin Ireland