Help me understand the relationship between Tidal and Roon

Hi Roon people,
I have been using Tidal and Roon together for about six months. A couple of questions:

  1. If I play tracks in Roon, does Tidal know?
  2. Does Tidal then account for those selections when making me Daily Discovery and Mix playlists?

I ask because I find Tidal Discovery way better than Roon’s Valence system. And also because when I am out running or driving in my car, I listen to Tidal but want it to understand my taste.

Also, does anybody think that Spotify will ever connect with Roon… because Spotify’s music discovery is the best! I still pay for Spotify for this reason.

Thanks Nadine


I have been asking the same question about Tidal and whether plays through their API “count” towards your interests within TIDAL ai. I have not gotten an official answer from Tidal (they are the ones that need to answer), but my gut feeling is “no”.

There is a long thread on Spotify integration – the answer is “so extremely unlikely that the answer is no”. Spotify would have to agree for Roon’s tight integration which would not happen, OR, Roon would have to use a less integrated approach. Neither of which seems at all likely.


Oh thanks for this. I was wondering if I had missed some key guidance because… I also feel like songs played through the Tidal API don’t count. Please let me know if you get an answer from Tidal. And if you think another person making that feature request would help.

Also sad about Spotify integration (they could call it Spoon :). I might just let my Spotify sub lapse and focus on training Tidal to know me …

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I’m new to Roon (just a week or so), but similarly to you love Tidal’s My Daily Discovery mix (I posted a workaround to be able to use it in Roon a few days ago). But I hadn’t even considered that my use of Tidal via Roon didn’t count for this!?
That said, I would assume ‘adding’ Tidal content must count? As it also adds it to my Tidal library, and similarly editing Tidal playlists in Roon is mirrored in Tidal (I assume it is one list shared both ways??). I’d be very interested if anyone knows for sure either way on this?
I also went through the hugely laborious process of ‘adding’ my offline content to Tidal before Roon entered my life, so have a big data pool for them to draw from in any case!


SPOON=genius :joy::rofl::joy:

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Unfortunately no. You cannot edit a Tidal created playlist in Roon. You can find several threads on this.


I suspect YES, I virtually never use Tidal as is , always via Roon

The daily mixes do however reflect the tracks played


It’s a two way street and has to be for the streaming service to work. They have to have records of all streams played to pay revenue for artists. All streams are pulled from Tidal or Qobuz directly via the API When I used Tidal and Roon it all helped populate my personal content. You need to favourite albums and artists though to give these things a chance to start to work better. I hate Spotifies way of doing anything as soon as you play one track it starts to recommend more of the same even if you don’t add it as a favourite, I play to see if I like it if I don’t I don’t want that being then recommended from their on in.

Thanks Rob-my mistake, I did it in Tidal after all.
Shame, would be better if it worked both ways!

I agree. I never stream from TIDAL directly except their daily mixes when I’m in the car, and those autogenerated playlists completely align with the music I listen to through Roon. So I’m 100% sure that TIDAL takes into account what you play via Roon to generate daily mixes.


Hey thanks to you all for clarifying this issue. Really appreciate it. Nadine

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The new promo for Tidal Hifi Plus states that your most listened artist will get 10% of your subscription, which I think is a good thing.
I mostly listen via Roon (except when I am away on holiday, in which case I use my phone and Tidal).
If I open my Tidal app from my phone or computer, it shows my most recent listened music. This is always what I have listened to on Tidal, and does not include anything I have listened to on Roon.
Does anyone know if Tidal gets a list of music that I played from Roon, or is it a complete list from Roon for everysong played by everyone and not broken down for the individual?


There’s a real mix of responses so far, but I haven’t seen anything definitive from Roon themselves.
I’m very curious too! Of course if it doesn’t count Roon plays, and just goes with the majority of your plays, rather than a fixed number or above (e.g. only the Tidal app counts, and you only use it to play one thing and that artist then gets your 10%) then you effectively could select who gets your 10% by just using Tidal App to play their stuff… :thinking: I have my own music on Tidal :thinking::joy:

I very much doubt its limited to the Tidal app. All music I play via Roon affects my Tidal recommendations and thus they know what your playing and have to to pay the piper or they are against licensing rules.

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This is also what I suspect, but we won’t know for sure until after it’s implemented and/or someone from Tidal specifies.
So far as far as I can see no one from Roon has specified if Roon plays definitely contribute to Tidal mix/recommendations and whilst many people think that they do for the reasons you specify (this also makes sense to me as they know for payment reasons), however if you look around on these forums you’ll find the exact opposite opinion too! :thinking:

Well Tidal app says you listened to this try this. That’s pretty much all the evidence I need as I played the album via Roon and Roon only. The title isnt in my favourites either.

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It seems not everyone has been having the same experience-as they post that they are not sure. I’ll test it myself somehow…

Just checked again and 3 albums from last night I was just using to test the new tier on for mqa playback all show up in separate as a You Listened to this… sections.

I listened to 5 albums on Roon yesterday. None of these are showing up in the recently played list on Tidal. Over the past week, I have played the entire back catalogue of 3 different artists (choosing the Tidal version where available) and again, none of these have appeared or any mixes based on this. I have a lifetime membership for Roon for the last 4-5 years and I have never noticed albums played on Roon appearing on the Tidal recently played list. I don’t understand, as it appears to work differently for others on here. I don’t know if there is any setting that I am missing or if it is different for different regions?


Yes. Seems weird that it works one way for @CrystalGipsy but not for many others?