Help needed with roon, popieee or pi3 allo piano 2.1

I did notice since a couple of days (unsure where it comes from) that I can’t chance the volume from roon (windows) for the pi3b+allo.kali+alli.piano2.1 without running into a muted left or right channel.
A second pi3b+ with an Allo.MiniBoss works flawless.

Any idea where to look into ? Watch the attached video …

I run out of ideas where to look for the issue.
Same if I chance volume using the volume sliders.
One thing I did notice though. Signal path windows tells me it’s a piano 2.1 dac, while alsamixer tells it’s a PianoDACplus

if it does matter … in Device Setup Volume Control is set to Device Volume

thanks for any help

Hello @StefanB,

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue, we appreciate any help we can get with troubleshooting!

For devices using RAAT transport controls (including RoonBridge), it is the endpoint’s responsibility to translate volume commands sent from Roon into the proper actions on the device. Seeing as the volume commands are working with the Allo MiniBoss, my gut feeling is that the device is either sending the wrong volume commands to the device or is mis-translating the RAAT volume commands to ALSA. I would reach out to Allo about this, if they have any feedback for us on what’s occurring here we’d be interested to hear about it.


I bet it won’t make a difference if trying Dietpi and install the roon software from inside that one? Should be the same, even same version in the end, correct?

I think I’ll do another volumio installation this weekend, since I noticed some differences between alsamixer on volumio against alsamixer on ropieee. I’ll take some snapshots then … since I do remember that on volumio it did allow me to set up the piano to work in 2.1 mode whereas from within ropiee the alsamixer found there won’t allow for that. Perhaps an alsa version issue, but also likely that the recognition once a piano2.1 vs. pianodacplus on the other end might be the issue.