Help/Suggestions With A Good/Great MQA DAC

Hi dear Roon Fellows,

I shall make some updates on my Music System, so I need a new Roon Ready MQA DAC!
Today I have a Meridian Explorer 2!

I shall update my DENON Integrated amp to.
Mcintosh, C52 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier.
With a MC275 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Amplifier.
Or a MA8900 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier.
They have both a built in Dac, who’s covering my needs for the normal use of a great Dac!
Except they don’t have MQA!

1 (accepts PCM signals up to 32-bit/384kHz; supports DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 plus DXD 352.8kHz and DXD 384kHz)

I have looked on PS Audio DS, their new DS Jr.
The MYTEK Brooklyn + and Manhattan II.
Actually it’s only The new dCS Rossini DAC, of the one’s I have looked/reading about that I like, of these 5 different DAC’s!
But it’s “only” costs more money than two PS Audio DS, or two Mytek Manhattan II (incl. the two extra updates)!

So I will use the built in Dac in the Mcintosh and try, with your help to find a better Dac than the Meridian Explorer 2, to use only to MQA!

So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Love & Respect

Others to look into are the Cary DMS 500 and the Lumin range.

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I recently acquired the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital for the MQA capabilities. Everything that I have thrown at it - it plays and it plays very well.

In addition to the MQA capability, it has brought new life to my non MQA high res library.



Thanks @philr @MikeD for your suggestions.

Is interesting and to a great price :+1:

Interesting, but to expensive!
The Cary DMS 500 costs more than the Brooklyn + and a little cheaper than the Manhattan II (without the Turntable and Roon Streaming)!

Some other suggestions? From anyone else?

Many of these products work as preamps too. Dont bother with the Macintosh preamp and go with something like the Manhattan II.

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I have been thinking about that!
But a Mcintosh C52 Preamp is incredible great.
So it’s going to make a great difference, between using a Manhattan II or PS Audio DS!
If I had bought a Amplifier around a couple of $1.000-2.000USD, so had it worked perfectly!
But the Mcintosh C52 Preamp cost around $10.000USD and the Mcintosh MC275 Amplifier cost around $8.000USD each, because I shall use 2 of them (so in Mono Parallel on each)!

They don’t only sounds great, they are looking great as well :wink:
I don’t have to buy any other Preamp or Amplifier, in my life!
Not does my son either, they hold for a lifetime!

This is the C52.
The MC275 I have loved it’s sound and looks, since I first heard and seeing it :smile:

So you have absolutely right about your comment, many company that makes DAC’s says that if it’s possible!
So does their DAC’s sounds better, if they are connected directly into the Amplifier!
I have 30 days to testing and listening, so I shall definitely trying it!
The Manhattan II is the best Dac if I should doing it, because it’s got a couple of analog inputs!

Love & Respect

If you really like the sound of the C52 over then
Manhattan II go for it and don’t worry about the need for an MQA DAC at all. With Roon doing the first unfold you are getting most of the benefits of MQA anyway. I don’t think a low cost MQA capable DAC like the Project (eve though it seems very good value) will sound as good as Roon unfolding MQA with something like the C52. On the other hand if you really think MQA is that much better or important then you should go with something like the Manhattan II.

Also check out the NAD M12.

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Thanks @philr
If I decide to only use the Dac for MQA, so is the Brooklyn + cheaper, it’s under the half price and compare to the Manhattan II so doesn’t I think that it’s sounds/doing the work with MQA, half so good!
I have got a nice price for the new, PS Audio DS Jr.
I shall definitely check out the, NAD M12!
The price has been under the Brooklyn + before, but maybe it’s higher now when it takes MQA?