Help with backup and permissions

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nucleus latest build.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Verison router, ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
DCS Bartok, and mac mini connected to router with USB cables, my book external drive

Description Of Issue
Relocated equipment to another residence. Roon could no longer find path to my music folder on Mac Mini.

Entered new path, \fred.local\music, and Roon rescanned and is watching file and music playback is fine from Tidal and my library.

Can not now backup Roon to Mac Mini on a scheduled backup or if I try to back up now.

Storage shows the backup status \fred.local\music>itunes>roon backups, but does not recognize it or allow me to add it again as a network share.

Also, I can delete Tidal albums from the library, but not any imported from iTunes as I don’t have permission.

I believe I was able to do this when Nucleus originally formatted set up at my last residence, it was also backing up to iTunes. Suggestions?

You should not back up to a folder that is watched by Roon. Try setting up a folder on your mac elsewhere, as in not under music, and pointing Roon backup to it instead.

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Hi @Fred_Imberman,

As Daniel suggested, you’ll want to store your backup in a different location than the folder that is being watched by Roon.

We have some information here in our KB about sharing a folder on Mac. I would suggest following those instructions to share a new folder on Mac and try adding it as a new location in Roon for storing backups.

Thank you for info, believe I have finally set up backups.
Now, how do I delete titles from my room library that have been imported from my iTunes library. It now indicates local file and states that permission I’d denied.

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

Are you wanting to remove all iTunes content from Roon, or are you trying to just delete specific albums?

Just specific albums.

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

What version of Mac OS is the device where your iTunes library is located running? Are the files stored directly on an internal drive or on a USB drive?

Lion 10.7.5 and backed up to a My Book external drive via time machine (if that’s what you mean).

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

Are you able to delete files from the USB drive via Finder?

Yes no problem.

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

Thanks for confirming. The main thing that stands out here is that you’re running 10.7.5 on the Mac, which is a bit older. I’m going to meet with the technical team and discuss whether or not this may be an issue and discuss what other possibilities there are here. I’ll be sure to reach out once I receive their feedback.

Thanks. Let me know what you find out.

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

I spoke with the team about this today. There isn’t anything in particular about 10.7.5 they’re aware of, but it’s not something we regularly test. Deleting content over the network can get a bit complicated and it requires all of the appropriate permissions to be set on each device. When you factor in an older OS as well, it can make things a bit tricky.

The team has suggested a few tests that will help us get more information about where this might be stemming from.

First, we are hoping you can try deleting content located on the Mac itself rather than an external drive. The formatting of the USB drive can play into things, so taking that out of the picture will help to rule out some potential variables.

For this test, please do the following:

  1. Copy an album to the internal drive of the Mac
  2. Add this folder as a watched folder in Roon
  3. Try to delete a file from this album
  4. Let us know if this works for you

Sorry to have not responded to your timely reply sooner. I think I will be buying a new Mac mini shortly. If I do, I will see if the problem solves itself. Will get back to you with results.

Dylan, I see that the Catalina fix is active but it has not downloaded to my nucleus nor can I manually install it from the Roon app on my iPad. Have tried several times and it shows successful download but indicates earlier version. What do I do so that I can install new version and then provide path to my storage

After reinstall it shows v1.6 build 416 not 475

From Roon 1.6 (Build 475) Is Live For macOS (Catalina Fixes):

Roon 1.6 (Build 475) Release Notes

Roon Build 475 is now rolling out for macOS. There are no changes for Windows, Windows (64 Bit), Linux, Android, iOS, or Roon Bridge at this time.

So no change for Nucleus(+).

Hi @Fred_Imberman,

As BlackJack suggested, this is only an update on macOS — No other platforms received an update.