Help with choosing outdoor speakers

Hi, I am relatively new to Roon. Just acquired a NAD M33 and would like to put a set of outdoor wi fi speakers on our deck. Would like a decent quality speakers.

What are my options? I have a Sonos setup in the house, in addition to my main speakers. Are there outdoor wi-fi speakers that are Roon certified that I can use as an endpoint? Or am I better using the spare speaker outputs on the M33 and select those speakers in the M33 when I would like music outdoors? Thank you for any help.

I have a pair of Sonos Play 3’s outdoors but they’re under cover.

When I lived close to the coast I had a set of speakers outdoors that were very exposed … specifically for that application I chose a pair of marine speakers and ran speaker wire from an amp indoors.

It really comes down to just how exposed you’re talking and what sort of sound you want. There’s some very good portable speakers on the market that are happy in the elements.

I’d run marine speakers off the NAD in light of no other info.

I stick strictly mobile for outdoors

I use an iPad then Bluetooth to a Beoplay A1, or a Dragonfly Red for headphones

It depends a lot on your climate, do you need waterproof for example , are the speakers under cover etc

Don’t Sonos make an outdoor portable speaker now? May be Roon tested rather than ‘certified’. Check the partner page.

Edit: they make two, called Roam and Move. New products though so may not be available yet.

@Frederick_Levick Saw these they look interesting, not sure if they are what you are looking for?

Thank you. Aren’t there limitations on what the Sonos can reproduce?

Also I don’t need anything permanent that will survive the weather. I’d be happy with something portable I could place outside when I plan to use them.

Yes, but as you are already invested in Sonos, that may be more important to you? Also, for outdoor use, are the limitations really an issue?

I don’t find Sonos satisfying for real listening … but as a background fill they’re ok for a social mixer.

Friends, I’m searching for a Roon Ready outdoor wifi speaker. It can be battery or ac powered, and I’d like at least some water resistance. Think poolside, or occasional garage use when tinkering on bicycles. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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Does it have to be Roon Ready or would Bluetooth Roon from an accompanying phone or tablet be acceptable? Just asking as there aren’t stacks of RR portable speakers on the market.

I’m going to say Sonos Move. Works with Roon perfectly. Absolutely rock-solid streaming with great wifi range and battery life.


Well, it doesn’t have to be Roon Ready/Tested; it’d just be neat. I’m a lifetime Roon subscriber, so I’m all in at this point. A good quality Bluetooth from iPhone/iPad/MBP would be fine. Thanks for asking!

Thanks Red - I’ll have a look and report back.

Any of the JBL outdoor units.
They are Chromecast so Roon sees them as endpoints.
I use one around my pool on WiFi and it works well enough with regular 16/44 streaming.

I think mine is a JBL Pulse, but I think any of the Pulse or Flex series should work fine.
Just check it supports Chromecast.

Now you did specify Roon Ready, which I don’t think Sonos is, however, their integration within Roon is, in my experience, unbreakable.

They cannot be grouped with RAAT devices, however, all the Sonos devices can be grouped together within Roon (in case you wanted a Sonos Move on all four corners of your pool!), or alternatively, they can be grouped as Airplay, and then you can group non-Sonos devices (including RAAT devices with Airplay) as well within the group.

This image shows a current configuration I have illustrating both types of grouping.

As Hammer says, another option is Chromecast, which I’m sure you can do the same with.

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I use either.

A chromecast embedded portable speaker for a direct Roon Endpoint


An old phone with Roon installed going out the headphone plug to an Aux in on a Hyperboom. Alternatively, it could be bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled speaker.


I’ll second Rugby’s recommendation. “Chromecast built-in” or whatever they call it these days is pretty much as good as Roon Ready, and more likely to have Bluetooth. I use an Insignia battery-powered portable speaker outside, works well with Roon.


Yes, I got several when they were being discontinued for very little money. A steal really.

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Alternatively open the door and turn up the nearest house system.


Thanks y’all. I’m grateful for the help. I’ll go the Sonos route per @Red_R 's suggestion, as I value the ability to group them in Roon. I think the neighbors will appreciate more speakers at a lower volume in lieu of one speaker playing loudly, as I’m not sure they share my affinity for yacht rock…

I’m so glad I found Roon, and this forum. I’m not in the same league of proficiency as most of you, but I’ve always been able to get good guidance from more experienced members, from building my Rock NUC to choosing endpoints. In a world of constant frustration, this place is a godsend. By the way, since I’m working with WiFi on the anticipated Sonos Moves, will changing routers improve the sound quality? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: