Help with Denafrips Ares DAC and microRendu

Yes indeed. DoD works well and Roon / mRendu preserves the DSD signal path.

Awesome ! :heart_eyes:

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Got a loan set more than week back(XMOS chipset), it worked fine with ROCK and Auralic Aries but one major issue. In both cases, Ares output a loud hissing noise when boot up together with ROCK or Aries Mini. The loud hissing noise will go away once I started to playback track. Playing back DSD512 also resulted in loud hissing noise though Ares is not certified for DSD512.

I saw 48kHz, DSD and 8x LEDs lit up when boot up, so I assumed the problem happened here. After I started playing track, the LEDs lit up to respective sample rate, for instance DSD256; DSD and 4x will LEDs lit up and playing fine. Another finding, it only happened on ROCK and Aries Mini and not Roon running on Windows. I noticed when boot up the LED 44.1k is the only one that lit up. According to Alvin, the Amanero chipset will resolve the issue but I still waiting to test out. If it works flawlessly I will get one from him for my room headphone listening.

Add: the setup does not use MicroRendu, direct USB connection. By the way Native DSD works flawlessly when using ROCK or Aries Mini up to DSD256. For Windows only DoP is supported up to DSD256.

Hi @MusicEar,

New Ares come with Amanero USB interface, it should mitigate the said issue.

I’ve roon in Win10 NUC, tried it with Pontus (it has same Amanero USB interface of the new Ares), works well without the hiss. SOtM sMS-200ultra (roon endpoint), connects to the Pontus, works well too.


That’s encouraging since sMS-200ultra runs a proprietary Linux. Amanero USB interface is not as wide spread used as compared to XMOS. I wondering is there any SQ difference?

DENAFRIPS believe Amanero USB interface remains the best available to date. :smiley: