Help with Roon please

I’m trialling a innuos zen mark 2 which is a player. It comes with Roon as a free trial.

I see according to a YouTube video on Roon that you can sort music according to whether it’s hi res stuff or cd quality, and then further by genre etc.

So my questions are

  1. can I use the search facility to search albums, tracks, or artists by say hi versus cd quality, to find my had content on my nas

  2. with my tidal account added, can you add one track from tidal into a playlist, and say another from my nas, so its a combination of both.

  3. are there limits on how many tracks the playlists can have, as some apps limit this. Also are there limits on the number of playlists, which I presume your can rename.

  4. can you search metadata in Roon. So say I want to do a search of all tracks I have which are single downloads of songs, ie singles, and I don’t want them to be part of an album (until I actually buy the album) nor come up in album views etc, is this possible, so I can say search ‘singles’ as metadata. I hate it when albums names come up in album lists when there is just one track, as it creates loads of albums you don’t own, and fills out the nas with ‘junk’.

Many thanks for any help

Cheers Simon.

Hi Simon,

1.yes. There is a ‚focus‘ function that can do all of these things, even in combination.

  1. yes

  2. no limits that I know of, but here I’m not 100% sure. You can rename them.

  3. yes, same way ‚focus‘ function.

Hope this helps.


I’ll answer as best I can.

  1. Yes, Focus helps you filter results by artist, media, bitrate etc.
  2. Playlists include tracks from your library and this includes your local media files and TIDAL content.
  3. Sorry, I don’t know.
  4. If you have a single track that is from an album it will correctly be shown as part of that album. If you download a single/ add from TIDAL it will be shown as the single release. You can edit the Meta data to reflect your own preferences. I don’t understand your comment “fills out the nas with junk” since Roon doesn’t create or amend anything on the NAS/ Innuos Zen; everything is stored in a database.

Give Roon a test drive … that’s the best way to learn more about the features. Then feel free to ask more questions.

The Roon Knowledge Base including a User Guide, can help with the learning curve.

Thanks both for your comments. These are as I thought might be the case.

My thing was that I like to view albums by album artist, so I don’t get names of other contributors and collaborating artists come up when I just want to view say

Blur - parklife album or modern life is rubbish.

All the collaborators, or contributing artists fill up the library with unnecessary names. I don’t mind it on the links Roon does but not for my lists.

My singles get ‘lost’ with 15000 tracks in my nas, as often I forget the artist name (I don’t play singles that regularly compared to albums) so that’s what I meant by getting lost in the junk. Ie when I browse I don’t know who they are, so invariably don’t select them. But doing a search by metadata ‘single’ could reveal all these ones, then clicking on them I can see what they are and add them to playlists etc.

So what I might do is add ‘single’ as metadata into single tracks and then if I buy the whole album of that track I can take that metadata out.

I agree it makes sense to trial. When I get my innuos I will do that. But can I just ask if ok, can you select by album/artist in Roon, so you can filter out all contributors etc. Having all these would be make it even more difficult to find what you want, if they fill up the selections with all this.

You can filter your collection in all sorts of ways with Focus, which is available in the Albums, Tracks, Artists, and Composers views. The other Meta data (contributing artist, producer, composer etc.) does not clutter the experience and is available to you through searches/ Focus or in track information/ credits.

For example, Daniel Lanois is both an artist and producer. His work would be visible under an artist search, but this would not include works he produced. So, Wrecking Ball (Album) by Emmylou Harris, which he produced and collaborated on (Track: Blackhawk, IIRC) would only be shown under the artist Emmylou Harris … other information including collaborations is available on the Album view or through search/ Focus.

I don’t think you need to edit Meta data to identify you singles. You could tag them or add them to a collection.

Roon challenges conventional thinking and can change the way you listen to music. Come to it with an open mind. It’s great at uncovering music in your library you’d forgotten about and for introducing you to something new (TIDAL is essential for this.)

My suggestion would be, gasp, to separate your singles (meaning, incomplete albums) from your albums by keeping them in a separate storage location relative to Roon. I.e. one folder for albums and one for singles (again, an album that isn’t complete).

Then you can use focus to sort by storage location and tag all your singles as you’d like. Once you have them tagged, you can bring them up in all sorts of ways.

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Thanks James, Does it mean that you still cant search by Album/Artist view in Roon (ie only albums of the main artist eg blur parklife), so you don’t get all the unnecessary contributors etc, if only in the lists of stored music I have. I am totally open to it suggesting music off of my music as Roon obviously does.

There are probably ways to do it but not necessarily easily. For example, could open the track browser and then have it show Artist and not just Album Artist as a column, and then you could filter by that Album Artist…

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Primary artists vs. contributing artists: here I was listening to the album Brothers, clicked on one of the primary artists Tore Brunborg), and I see his main albums first, then his appearances as a contributing artist. I would have seen the same thing if I had looked up the artist directly.

And if you scroll down to see Tidal albums that you don’t have in your library directly, those are separated the same way:

You can use Focus/Inspector/Track Count to identify low track albums.

Select All by right clicking (or long pressing) one then use the Select menu top left. You can then deselect any you don’t want and bulk edit the rest to be Album type - Single.

You can then Focus on Singles;

You can save that Focus as a Bookmark so you can retrieve it easily.

Alternatively you could tag the low track Albums with your own tag if you preferred to retain Roon metadata regarding Album type.