Help with Transition to Intel NUC

I recently switched from running Roon ROCK on a 10 yr old MacBook Pro to an Intel NUC. On the MacBook I had a few hundred CDs saved to the hard drive that I burned about 8 years ago. I was listening to these CDs and Qobuz while using Roon with the MacBook. I recently switched Roon from the MacBook to an Intel NUC. Since I’ve switched to the NUC, on the top of the Roon menu there is a curved line that is going around in a circle that seems to indicating that the software is looking for something. If I tap on the curved line, a box comes up (see screen shot above) with the following - Adding music to library: of 20401 tracks, 17675 added, 17518 identified. It has been doing this for a couple of weeks without any of the numbers changing. I also noticed that it never transferred over the CDs I had on the MacBook to the NUC. What is going on with the curved line going in a circle? Is it trying to transfer music form the MacBook? How do I transfer the music from my MacBook hard drive to the NUC? Have I used up entire 2TB SSD (I have a lot of DSD albums on the NUC)? Something else?

I am somewhat helpless with computer tech so that may be part of the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen this before. If I recall correctly, restarting Roon Server got things going again for me. You can do this from the web interface. Just enter the IP address of your NUC into a web browser. Look for an option to “Restart Roon Server Software.”

Avoid any buttons that say “Reset” or “Reformat” and you should be fine.

Just enter //rock in any web browser window address bar and it will take you to this screen. On the right you see the blue button Restart. That’s the one to go for.

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Hey @Remus_Preda so sorry that it took us a while to respond, we’re hoping to check in and see if you were still seeing this behavior?

Were you able to test out the advice from David and Patrick?

Feel free to let us know if you’re still experiencing this, we’re happy to help!

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