HEOS Drive and Link Support

Thanks again.

Will explore alternative settings to see if the lag can be addressed.

Good to know it works on zdenon AVR - the display is different from Marantz.

Just to update that a new version is available at the Github link above for those following this thread.

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Hello Peter,

For those of us who are technically challenged, is there a place where we can find detail instructions on installation? I’m using a MacMini my Roon server and would like to stream to HEOS HS1 powered speakers.

Thank you.


Would be great to see this work. However, if you are thinking of running the extension on your Mac, it may take more than instructions - it’s worked for some but I have not been able to test more recent versions. If anyone is using successfully I would love to hear!

If you are able and willing to introduce a raspberry pi to your set up this should work really well with your HS1 speakers (non Airplay and don’t seem on the radar to become ROON ready) and I would be happy to help.

Installation info is here - but it remains in Beta as I realize this may be more technically challenging than is ideal!