Hi-Fi Berry Digi+ and Nubert Active Box

Hi, thanks for great guide. But nevertheless I have a question, because I’m not so familiar with Hifiberry Digi+: How to connect HifiBerry Digi+ with Nubert Active Box. Via USB ? Do I need 2 HifiBerry’s? I mean one for each Nubert Loudspeaker ? Sorry may be it’s a stupid question for a rasberry profi. But I really don’t understand how it works. Will the DA converting done by the Nubert Loudspeakers?
Thanks a lot

Thanks I have found the answer by myself. ( SPDIF IN / OUT on Nubert Master/Slave Box)

I still have a question. I’m not sure how to stream the music signal the roon bridge running on the PI. Do I have to install roon server ( which license costs are quite expensive and there is no spotify support ) or is there another possibility. Maybe running foobar on pc and streaming to roon bridge or running spotify on smartphone and getting roon bridge as an output device. Something like that. I hope my question is too stupid.

Roon Bridge is part of the Roon ecosystem; it implements RAAT - the streaming protocol used in Roon.

Foobar or Spotify wouldn’t have a clue on how to use RAAT, and hence can’t talk to Roon Bridge.

So I have to install roon Server somewhere in my local network and cannot use spotify? I also have to pay 100 Dollars for the license in a year? That’s the only possibility?

Hi Chris,

Yes. RoonBridge is a lightweight program with the sole function of acting as an Output for a Roon Core. You need a Roon Core to make it work. See this Knowledge Base page for more detail about the Roon Architecture.

As for Spotify: if you’re using a Pi as bridge, you can achieve this by installing RaSpotify in the Pi. Your Pi will be visible as a regular Spotify Connect endpoint in the Spotify apps.

The value assessment of Roon is yours to make: while many here consider Roon to be a great and – relative to hardware investments – low-cost improvement of their Hifi experience, Roon obviously needs a sizeable local library and/or Tidal usage to fully bloom.

In the words of a six-stringed hero: It’s in the way that you use it…

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Hi Rene, thanks that sounds great. And that means, that also DSP will be done if it is installed like Peter Lobner has it explained in his thread?