Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

Thanks Geoff, found it and assumed that is what was meant. :pray:t4:

Seems @michael is no longer with us :grimacing:

Still around

Hi All, alive and well, just super focused on some covert projects. Hope to share soon!

If filtering by labels is what you’re referring to, I see the value as well and this is something I had personally wanted. It’s a mammoth task for the search team, so a bit tricky. On our radar though.


By covert, I hope you mean fixing my Win10 client from freezing. Getting tired of this.


I’d say that was overt

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You know how it is Ged, I use the darned thing all day at my desk. It’s maddening when something “seemingly simple” goes sideways. I have one monitor dedicated to Roon and the other two to work. It’s been several weeks now. I was hoping that 970 fixed it, and now we are super close to the 4th weekend which probably means no release this week, and maybe none next week. Though I do remain hopeful. I try to be optimistic as much as possible.


I do indeed. But I’ve also been on the other side trying to figure out why it works for 999 Freds and not Bob. Equally frustrating.


Hi @michael, well good to see you are still around. Though just to get things right - you started this conversation and dialogue so it’s from time to time important to drop by and give an update to some areas that are crucial to many users who follow the development / evolution of Roon over many years.

As you definitely know Roon is going for a shorter update cycle, though as you surely also know over the various months there have been a number of very severe regression bugs - and that is a massive problem for a large amount of users.
So nice to see there are some covert projects also going on in the background, it’s essential to provide a stable basis for all paying customers.

You most likely also see when browsing through various bugs that increasingly customers are worried because severe bugs aren’t fixed and there isn’t even a reply at all anymore from the Roon team.
Some are mentioned already here or for example QNAP - Not Showing Local Folders Anymore [See Staff Post - Guest Access Temporarily Resolves - Ongoing Investigation] which is there for more than 6 months(!) and there isn’t any reply from any Roon member for over 2 months.

I very much do hope that you can shed some light on what is going on inside Roon so that we can gain some more insight and trust again.

It’s not up to us, as customers, to tell Michael what his job is and how to do it.

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Me too. On a daily basis my Team supports ~70K simultaneous users in our Electronic Heath Record with ~150K unique users/month. Some days it’s smooth sailing, and other days it’s mayhem. Yet somehow I still love it.

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hi Micheal,

Love to chat about my Roon usage, but the link doesn’t work for me.



Hi @michael while i’m not trying to book a chat, FYI I have discovered the url link to your calendar is broken.


Searching by label can be extremely important for finding classical music at times.

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Hello Michael,

whats your comment on my thoughts from the April 26th ?
Here is a copy:

Apr 26

Hello Michael, first of all, i like Roon very much. Please dont overforce all the comfort wishes here above the audio quality. Reliability is the first goal, then comes audio quality. Iam a music lover and want to listen with Roon in the best audio quality. Comfort is nice, also having a lot of radio stations and other (bad sounding) streaming sources, BUT its really not the first priority. For me that is more like a PC game, not important to listen to good music. Good luck with your great team/colleagues.

I hope you don’t mind my comment but reading your post I’m not sure what your exact point is.
That you want reliability above all?

Sorry ged, the post should be a question to Michael, the new product manager.

I realised that :slightly_smiling_face:
I was unsure what your question was really.
You mention a number of points but I was unsure what question you wanted answered.

I was being big headed enough to think that if I was unsure then perhaps Michael may be unsure too.

Hey All,

First of all, thanks for the warm welcome, support, and feedback. I had many direct, productive chats with lots of you that yielded some great ideas. Since then, I’ve gathered piles of feedback, some immediately actionable, and other slow burn ideas for the future. I wanted to set up this line of direct communication to quickly rev-up at Roon by learning why you all use Roon and how you think it could be improved. Those goals were absolutely achieved.

While this thread was very helpful for jumpstarting my time at Roon, I need to cut down on noise and keep our engines churning. Once we’ve unveiled some of the new projects I’m working on, I’ll open the door again and eagerly seek more feedback. Until then, we’ve got a clear eye on what needs to be done and are heads-down and hard at work.

As such, I’ll be closing this thread and kindly ask that we return to business as usual on community. Please post your ideas, problems, and suggestions in their normal threads. I’ll read them and respond as best I can.

Talk soon.


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